Vesselina specialises in strategic litigation. She works at the nexus of human rights and environmental law, where the climate and ecological crises affect fundamental rights, including the rights to life and to health. She works with all teams at ClientEarth to develop an approach integrating the protection of the environment and human rights, since every day shows these to be ever more inextricably entwined.


Vesselina has practiced strategic human rights litigation for over twenty years. She has litigated cases in Europe and Africa before national and international courts. Prior to joining ClientEarth, she worked at INTERIGHTS, the International Centre for the Protection of Human Rights, at Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights, and as a legal consultant for Agora International Human Rights Group.


Vesselina holds a postgraduate degree in law (LLM) from New York University School of Law, USA. She studied law at Sofia University, and qualified as a barrister in Bulgaria.

"Politicians and polluting industries have become experts in talking the talk of green campaigners while still walking the walk of environmental destruction and delaying change. It is law that has led to real, concrete victories and progress. I am proud to work with my ClientEarth colleagues to secure positive court judgments that show us a better world is possible.”