Soledad joined ClientEarth in June 2019, and is based in Madrid. She focuses on identifying and developing strategic litigation to protect terrestrial, freshwater and marine wildlife and habitats in the EU Mediterranean countries.

Soledad's activity involves making targeted legal interventions and advocacy to protect threatened wildlife and habitats in their key areas of distribution, such as marine mammals, migratory birds, large carnivores, fish, and invertebrates.

She works on legal cases to avoid adverse impacts on biodiversity by sectoral plans, projects and activities. Soledad also focuses on the appropriate designation and management of protected areas (Natura 2000 network, marine protected areas). This includes actions to preserve and restore ecosystem connectivity and a better protection of rivers, wetlands and coastal and marine ecosystems.


Before joining ClientEarth, Soledad worked as a litigation lawyer for SEO/BirdLife in Spain during 14 years, bringing cases to protect biodiversity before the Supreme Court and national courts. She founded in 2008 the Law Firm “Environmental Justice” where she also provided legal services to Spanish Environmental NGOs. She is a water policy expert and has researched and published extensively on this topic and Biodiversity Law. Previously, she held the positions of General Director of Housing, Water and Town Planning in the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha (2002-2005).


Soledad has a Degree in Law from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and a Master in Legal Practice from the UNED University. She also has a Diploma of Advanced Studies and Research Proficiency from the University Pontifical of Salamanca, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of Madrid.

She is a qualified lawyer in Spain and member of the Madrid Bar Association, with more than 20 years of experience as a litigation lawyer.

Protecting and restoring our planet's biodiversity is essential for humans to regain balance in our relationship with the Earth. At ClientEarth I am privileged to work alongside talented colleagues and partners as a lawyer and advocate for rivers, birds, seas... and all the amazing wildlife.