Quentin Marchais joined ClientEarth in October 2019, having worked in the marine environmental NGO sector for the past five years.


Originally from France, Quentin started his career in the financial sector, developing remote greenfield micro-finance institutions in Namibia and Mozambique.

Quentin used to work at ClientEarth as a researcher when the seafood team was expanding 4 years ago, and he stayed in this position for two years, working to develop our seafood work in Spain. In the interim, he worked at Fauna & Flora International as the Marine Programme Manager for the Americas and Caribbean region. In this capacity, he was overseeing a range of projects in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua, working in close collaboration with local NGOs and government institutions.


He holds a Masters in Management and Finance and a Masters in Environmental and Sustainable Development.

There is increasing awareness of the threats of human activities on nature and people. In many instances however, actions to enforce increased environmental justice are still scant and the acceptance of the status quo is still the norm. Working at ClientEarth, an organisation that unites law, policy research and science, is a unique chance to participate in constructively challenging this status quo and proposing alternative solutions to systematic degradation.