Nieves is working in strategic litigation. Her work focuses on designing litigation strategies, defining new legal trajectories and bringing legal challenges for a better implementation and enforcement of environmental laws tackling pollution from agricultural sources and intensive livestock.


Nieves is part of the Agriculture Team from 2022, but joined ClientEarth in 2018, as part of the Oceans Programme, being a legal advisor for the Sustainable Seafood Project.

Nieves is a qualified lawyer in Spain and admitted to the Bar in 2008. Prior to her current role she was an international Legal Counsel for the renewable energies industry. Prior to that, she was a public litigation lawyer for several national and international law firms and an Associate Lecturer on litigation at Universidad Europea.

Education and Training

Nieves has a degree in Law from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and a Masters degree in Advanced Law Studies from Universidad de Las Palmas de G.C. Nieves has several publications on litigation, renewable energies and European Environmental law. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Working at ClientEarth brings together the issues I’m most passionate about: environmental advocacy, ecological awareness and the protection of biodiversity and wildlife. I believe ecological preservation is not only about us, but also about nature and animals their selves.