Namuezi Fedi is Senior Lawyer for the Congo Basin in Africa. She focuses on strengthening forest conservation and local communities and indigenous peoples’s rights through locally driven solutions, by providing strategic and legal support to civil society organizations, members of the Ministries and Parliament across the States hosting the second lung of this planet.


Namuezi has worked on protecting vulnerable people’s rights in various regions in the world, through several international organizations such as the UNHCR, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Habitat and Humanism. Most specifically when working with Lawyers Without Borders as expert on access to justice, in collaboration with Bar associations and NGOs in Burundi, Rwanda, the DRC, Uganda and Chad, she supported the development of legal aid clinics to raise awareness of vulnerable people’s rights and procedures to claim those rights. She developed strategies to strengthen the capacity of lawyers to assist vulnerable people in court and fight impunity.

She has developed several innovative ways to use the law to promote effective enjoyment of rights such as a unique Collective Solidarity Group’s project mixing the African “tontine” (collective saving technique) and legal trainings to help discriminated families in Belgium become owners of a decent and affordable home through the alternative Brussels Housing Fund.


She holds an LLM in International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law from the University of Essex, UK, and a Masters in degree in European and International law from the University of Aix-Marseille, France.

I believe in the law as a mediative means to build bridges between the needs of the Forests to regenerate, the needs of the communities and indigenous people to live in harmony on their land, and various economical interests. A peaceful means that can allow everyone to build the sustainable changes our Earth’s critically needs.