Kaja joined ClientEarth in September 2021 and is a member of the value chains, trade and investment team. Her work focuses on supply chain regulation in sectors that are linked to global deforestation.

As part of her work and alongside NGO partners, she pushes for the design, implementation and enforcement of strong legal standards in major consumer markets to tackle the impacts of consumption on people and the planet.

Kaja specializes in EU legislation on deforestation-free supply chains, corporate due diligence and ending supply chain impunity for violations of environmental and human rights standards.


Before joining ClientEarth, Kaja worked in the European Commission. Previously, she gained experience in the public and non-profit sector in Germany, Turkey and South Africa.


Kaja holds an LL.M. (Cum laude) in Public International Law and an MA in International Relations from Leiden University.

Shedding a light on global value chains, trade patterns and financial frameworks is key to protect invaluable ecosystems and to tackle the systemic injustices that drive their destruction.

Kaja is working on