Joséphine provides coordination and project management support to the four teams under ClientEarth’s Ocean, Plastics & Chemicals Programme. Her focus is on helping the various teams she works with in the daily delivery of their projects wherever support is needed by coming up with useful tools, actions and processes to ensure a smooth delivery of ongoing tasks.


After her graduation Joséphine worked for two years in a European consultancy where she specialised in sustainability, health and circular economy issues with a focus on food, plastics and textiles. She then decided to work more on her project coordination skills and accepted a new position in a pharmaceutical company as execution manager. There, she supported a global team of scientists in their daily tasks and projects to prepare for the launch a new vaccine on the market.


Joséphine holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a double master’s degree in European Studies and International Relations from Sciences Po Strasbourg and UCLouvain.

I have always wanted to find a position that would allow me to contribute to the protection of our environment. At ClientEarth, I finally found the perfect match to do just that! I feel extremely lucky to be able to support such inspiring people in their fight for a fairer world.