Jody Quirke joined ClientEarth in February 2020. Based in our Brussels office, the main focus of his work is on improving the implementation and enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which seeks to prevent illegally logged timber from accessing the EU market.


Prior to joining ClientEarth, Jody worked for the European Commission as a Legal and Policy Officer for the Chemicals Unit in DG Environment. Previously, he worked with the Irish Department of the Environment on international climate change issues.


He holds a Bachelor of Law degree and a Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development from University College Cork, Ireland.

Without healthy forests, our chances of protecting the planet’s biodiversity and overcoming the threat of global climate change are greatly reduced. At ClientEarth, we use the power of the law, in the EU and internationally, to strengthen forest governance and tackle deforestation issues in order to protect both people and the environment on which we all depend.

Jody is working on