Jenni Grossmann is the Science and Policy Advisor in ClientEarth’s Food Systems, Ocean & Land Use (Europe) team. In this role Jenni works towards improved European fisheries management, especially concerning the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union. Key areas she focuses on include the setting of sustainable fishing limits in line with science and the law, transparency of relevant decision-making processes, and the discard ban. She is following these and related topics both on the EU and UK side.


Jenni became increasingly interested in environmental conservation and the sustainable utilisation of marine resources throughout her studies. She gained first experience in the environmental sector by volunteering with the Global Volunteer Network in Wellington, New Zealand and interning in the Species Programme of the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre in Cambridge. She first joined ClientEarth in 2015 as an intern before taking on the position of Marine Policy Researcher, and later on her current role as Science and Policy Advisor.


Jenni holds a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries Science from the University of Hamburg. 

I want European fisheries management to become more sustainable, but sitting inside the scientific ivory tower and watching while others make fishy decisions is not for me. ClientEarth’s approach is a brilliant solution: we use the law to give science and the environment a voice that decision-makers cannot ignore.

Jenni is working on