Dr Christiane Gerstetter joined the Berlin office of ClientEarth as a Legal Researcher in the energy programme in August 2019.

Christiane Gerstetter is a German lawyer, with a focus on environmental and international economic law. She is admitted to the bar in Germany. She has been working since 2006 for Ecologic Institute, a not-for-profit environmental think tank in Berlin. At Ecologic Institute, she has been involved in a number of research projects with a focus on environmental law and politics, in particular on environmental crime and the relationship between trade and environment. In her PhD thesis, she analysed the case law of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on national measures taken for non-trade purposes such as environmental protection.

Besides her part time work for ClientEarth, she continues to be a Senior Fellow at Ecologic Institute and is, in addition, a Member of the investment committee of Ökoworld, an ethical investment company.  For many years, she has been involved with social movements, with a current focus on climate change issues.

At ClientEarth, Christiane’s work focuses on using the law to promote a coal phase-out in Germany.

I became a lawyer, because I wanted to help make the world a better place. With its focus on using the law to protect the environment, ClientEarth gives me the opportunity to do exactly that.

Christiane is working on