Walter Mbamy is a speaker at our 2024 ClientEarth Summit and is a dedicated social-ecological researcher committed to studying human-elephant interactions in Gabon. He currently serves as a research assistant at the Gabon National Parks Agency, where he focuses on understanding the complexities of elephant behavior in palm oil habitats for his Ph.D. research. With a Master's degree in Geography of Environment and a keen interest in conservation, Walter has played integral roles in various elephant tracking projects. Notably, he has contributed to projects in collaboration with Duke University, managing elephant tracking efforts, and worked on bioacoustics research with the Sound Forest Lab at the University of Wisconsin. Walter's research endeavors have received recognition and support, including a prestigious Research Grant from the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation. In addition to his academic pursuits, Walter is a co-founder of the Nsombou Abalghe-Dzal Association (NADA), a local community NGO in Gabon. Within NADA, he leads social-ecological research efforts, working closely with local communities to foster conservation initiatives. Through his multifaceted roles and research endeavors, Walter Mbamy continues to make significant contributions to the understanding and conservation of Gabon's rich biodiversity.