Thais Lazzeri is a speaker at our 2024 ClientEarth Summit and the founder of FALA, an award-winning impact studio that utilizes communication to effect real changes in the environment, human rights, climate, and democracy. Additionally, Thais is director of strategy, impact, and documentary filmmaker. Over 16 years as a journalist, Thais has received 15 awards for storytelling in both reporting and documentaries. She is the only Brazilian journalist to have been honored with the Stop Slavery Award from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, recognising professionals who excel in combatting and exposing human trafficking and slavery on a global scale. She is also the leader in Brazil for the Mentira Tem Preço project , an initiative aimed at combating disinformation misinformation regarding climate, the environment, and hate speech inside and outside the country. In 2014, Thais published the book "500 Gramas de Vida" (Publisher: Belas Letras) to support parents of premature babies.