Nzambi is a scientist, an inventor, an engineer, entrepreneur and change maker. She pursued a major in Physics at the Jomo Kenya University of Agriculture and Technology where she obtained relevant foundational training in material science that she currently applies at Gjenge Makers Ltd. Gjenge constitutes a community-focused enterprise striving to cater to the requisite for sustainable and economically viable alternative building materials within Kenya and the broader Continent. Gjenge inaugural creations are innovations formulated from recycled plastics, utilized to fabricate plastic paving blocks, plastic paving tiles, and plastic manhole covers.

Before starting Gjenge Makers, Nzambi worked in the oil industry at National Oil, as a data analyst. Growing up Nzambi would disassemble the radio and other electronics in the house, and try to put them back together, sometimes with success and sometimes not so much. Now, she assembles and fabricates the machines that are required for her company. She is leading Gjenge Makers in their quest to be the leaders in the alternative building products space; spear head new technologies that can impact the affordable housing sector. All the while, providing opportunity, jobs and creating an ecosystem for recycling waste globally let alone Kenya.