ClientEarth: Victory in European Court for all who want to breathe clean air - it's time for gov to act #ce

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  • ClientEarth wins Green Ribbon Political Award

    26 November 2014: The environmental campaign award was presented in the UK Parliament.

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  • Ruling from European Court: UK government must act to clean up deadly air pollution

    19 November 2014 ClientEarth wins on all counts

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  • UK air pollution - EU court judgment due on 19 November 

    17 November 2014: We believe people have the right to breathe clean air.

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  • Preventing injuries to harbour seals

    6 November 2014: We are requesting the UK Government takes immediate action to halt injuries to harbour seals.

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  • EU bank moves to keep fraud confidential

    28 October: We believe government institutions must be open to inspire trust.

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  • ClientEarth in Rzeczpospolita

    27 October 2014: Poland's Rzecspospolita has published a comment piece by Marcin Stoczkiewicz.

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  • Leaked text confirms chemical fears in US/EU trade deal

    1 October 2014: Health and environmental protection are the most important concerns of chemicals regulation.

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  • New figures for UK air pollution show the results of Government inaction

    26 September 2014: We're working to make sure Government does more to protect people from dangerous air pollution....

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  • Seafood brands agree codes on consistent environmental labelling and sourcing

    16 September 2014 We want to help everyone to protect the oceans.

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