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Our work on the Climate Change Act

The UK’s Climate Change Act, passed into law in 2008 with near-unanimous cross-party support, is a genuine world leader. It requires that UK greenhouse gas emissions reduce steadily but significantly to 2050 and beyond. And it helps ensure that our transition to a low-carbon economy is smooth, sustainable and cost-effective.

We work to help ensure the Act is a success.

About the Climate Change Act

Why the law isn’t working properly

Reviving the Act

Our recommendations (Chapter 6 of our “Mind the Gap” report) (October 2016)

  • An Emissions Reduction Plan that is fit for purpose
  • Wider governance renewal (“A wider reset”)

Government’s response so far

Is the Government in breach of the Climate Change Act?

A persistent “policy gap” to meeting our carbon budgets

Where the law needs to improve

Counting emissions

Increasing ambition in the light of Paris

The impact of Brexit

Adapting to climate change in the UK

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