VIA IURIS organises seminars for judges on Access to justice in environmental matters

On February 28, 2019, VIA IURIS carried out a training for the judges of administrative colleges of Regional courts in Zilina, Slovakia. A judge from the Supreme administrative court of Czech Republic was the guest speaker of this event.

The seminar focused predominantly on the national legislation and the new Administrative Court Procedure Code, which enshrines very broad rights of the public to access  justice in environmental matters and implements nearly entirely the 3rd pillar of the Aarhus Convention.

Participants discussed the concept of interested public and its rights from the perspective of the Aarhus Convention and this national legislation. They also mentioned administrative acts or omissions, which can be currently challenged according to the new Administrative Court Procedure Code. Finally, they carried out a review of land-use plans and especially standing of the public in such proceedings.

On May 24, VIA IURIS organized another seminar on Access to justice in environmental affairs for judges and higher court clerks in the Regional Court of Nitra. Discussions focused on the new code of administrative court procedure and the role of the Court of justice of the EU in access to justice.

Presentations are available below (in Slovak)

Imrich Vozár: Access to Justice provisions in the new Code of Administrative Court Procedure and related case-law, analysis of the newly introduced – “Interested Public”

Aleš Roztočil: Evolution of legislation and case law in ATOJ in Czech Republic- legal standing for environmental NGOs and the public and scope of review

Michal Kianička: Court of Justice – partner for dialogue – prejudicial proceedings before CJEU with focus on ATOJ case law

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