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UK government has “missed the point” on air pollution super-inquiry

The UK government has responded to an unprecedented ‘super-inquiry’ by MPs into illegal levels of air pollution across the country. Environmental lawyers say the government has missed the point and made soft commitments.

ClientEarth has won three court cases against the government over its failure to deal with illegal levels of air pollution. CEO James Thornton said: “The government has skated over the hard commitments MPs asked for. Yes, the people in this country need to know more about pollution levels and the associated risks, but they also need the government to actually do something about them.

“The car industry has got off incredibly lightly in this country – much of the illegal pollution in our towns and cities is of their making, and yet the government is failing to hold them to account.

“People are going to need help and support as they move to cleaner forms of transport. The car industry should be fronting a large chunk of those costs, yet we see no commitment from the government to an industry-backed clean air fund.

“To protect people’s right to breathe cleaner air, we need to see new, modern law from the UK government. A Clean Air Act fit for the 21st century is a must as the UK prepares to leave the EU.”

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