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UK Government action on emissions test cheats a long time coming

The UK Government today announced new regulations designed to deal with emissions test cheating by car manufacturers.

They include a £50,000 fine for each new vehicle with a so called defeat device designed to cheat the tests.

But this action has only come after the EU Commission started legal proceedings against the government, sending it a “letter of formal notice” towards the end of May for failing to take measures to dissuade manufacturers from doing things like using defeat devices.

Reacting to the announcement, ClientEarth lawyer Katie Nield said: “While this is welcome, it’s something ministers should have done a long, long time ago, before dieselgate. The EU is taking action against the UK for failing to deter car-makers from breaking emissions testing laws. Their failure to do so already is illegal, so it’s a surprise to see this trumpeted as a ground-breaking new policy.”

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Carlo D'Agnolo