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UK carbon reductions plan is not enough, advisors warn

The UK government must do more, faster, to meet its legally binding carbon reduction targets, according to the latest report from its advisors.

Responding to the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC) report on the UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy, ClientEarth lawyer Jonathan Church said: “We warmly welcome the CCC’s assessment of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy. Like the CCC, ClientEarth has long waited to see a robust plan from government for meeting our carbon budgets and, though the Clean Growth Strategy moved things in the right direction, we agree with the CCC that further policy development is urgently needed.

“The CCC’s assessment is also a valuable reminder that developing new policy is not enough. Progress can go backwards as well as forwards as new risks emerge to the delivery of existing policy plans. The CCC is right therefore to focus on the effectiveness of the governance arrangements which the Clean Growth Strategy re-established after they had in recent years fallen into disuse – in particular, how the implementation of the Strategy must be supported by the Clean Growth Inter-Ministerial Group and a system of comprehensive policy milestones.

“The CCC has also, rightly, been consistent that “flexibilities” should be no distraction from the task of getting the UK back on track to meeting its legally binding carbon budgets. The clear message is that, as welcome as the positive tone around the Clean Growth Strategy was, the ball remains very firmly in the government’s court to go much further than it has done so far.”

Read the Climate Change Committee’s latest report: From Amibition to Action

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Jason Blackeye