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    Belgian region halts EU-Canada trade deal

    The Belgian region of Wallonia has rejected the controversial EU-Canada trade and investment deal known as CETA.

  • Window cleaners on skyscraper to illustrate story saying 101 law professors sign letter saying ISDS is unlawful

    101 law professors say ISDS is incompatible with EU law

    Over 100 EU law professors have signed a letter saying investor provisions in trade agreements like TTIP and CETA undermines EU rule of law.

  • Photo of workmen for story saying ClientEarth is taking the Commission to court over access to ISDS papers

    ClientEarth takes Commission to court over investor protection papers

    ClientEarth has launched legal proceedings against the European Commission for keeping secret official analysis of whether controversial investor rules in international trade agreements are legal.

  • Photo of commuters to illustrate story saying EU Parliament ICS opinion ignores legal pitfalls

    EU Parliament ICS opinion ignores legal pitfalls

    Highly controversial investor rules in CETA led the European Parliament to ask its legal service whether they were compatible with EU law, but the analysis reads like a justification of ICS.

  • photo of someone buying fruit to illustrate story saying CETA should be driven by democracy, not hyperbole - campaigners to trade chief

    CETA should be driven by democracy, not hyperbole

    Negotiations over the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) must be governed by democracy, not hyperbole, campaigners today told trade minister Jean-Luc Demarty.

  • Photo of shipping containers for story saying German political party files lawsuit against EU-Canada trade agreement

    German political party files lawsuit against EU-Canada trade agreement

    A German political party has filed a law suit against the EU-Canada trade agreement, saying it would violate EU law and the rights of German Parliament.

  • Photo of child and woman with peas to illustrate story saying Commission's CETA proposal violates EU law

    Commission’s CETA proposal violates EU law

    The Commission’s proposal on provisional application of the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) violates EU law, because the EU can only provisionally apply those parts of the international agreement over which it has exclusive powers – not CETA in its entirety

  • Image of office building to illustrate a story about EU committee proposal for more investor protection being legally flawed

    Member states’ proposal for more investor protection legally flawed

    A leaked proposal by Austria, Finland, France, Germany and the Netherlands seeks more investor protection through an EU multilateral investment treaty, and might be incompatible with EU law.

  • TTIP leak confirms drive for US influence in EU rule-making

    Leaked documents on the controversial TTIP free trade deal being negotiated between the EU and US reveal that both sides are seeking to influence each other’s rule-making. The leak follows a letter to the EU Commissioner last week.

  • Photo of children eating to illustrate story about letter to Malmström warns TTIP must not delay safety laws

    Letter to Malmström warns TTIP must not delay safety laws

    ClientEarth letter to Malmström asks her to exclude controversial elements of the EU’s Better Regulation agenda from TTIP trade negotiations with the US.

  • EU illegal timber trade

    Milestone for the EU’s illegal timber trade law

    Today marks a significant milestone for those who want to see an end to illegal logging around the world.
    It’s the third anniversary of the European Union’s Timber Regulation.

  • Is investor-state dispute settlement legal? A plea for EU judges to check

    Investor-state dispute settlement lets companies take EU governments to court over laws put in place to protect people. EU judges must check whether this is legal.

  • Last chance to make sure Trade Secrets Directive protects people and planet

    Brussels has a final chance to protect our health and environment by improving the Trade Secrets Directive.

  • Trade Secrets Directive blocks information on health and the environment

    People and the environment are at risk from a draft law which lets business keep information on emissions and health impacts secret.

  • TTIP: the eighth round

    Last week (February 2nd – 6th) the eighth round of TTIP negotiations took place in Brussels.

  • Transatlantic trade negotiations – a step forward in transparency?

    Transparency has been a major issue in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations. This week, there have been two major developments. Find out more…

  • Sandcastle and River

    Trade and environmental protection

    The European Union is negotiating a trade deal with the US, called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  • Bathers in Budapest fountain to illustrate importance of environmental law and trade deals like TTIP

    TTIP: Trade and environmental protection

    As TTIP discussions progress, we’re concerned about its impacts on the regulation of toxic chemicals in the EU.

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    Study shows EU impact on global deforestation

    A new study shows that more than a third of global commodities linked to deforestation, like beef, soya and timber are consumed by the EU.

  • Economic recession, declining resources – time for a rethink?

    I sometimes feel that the issue of the environment is discussed from the wrong angle.

  • Court of Justice gives thumbs up to social aspects in sustainable public procurement

    On Thursday 10 May 2012 the Court of Justice decided that EU rules permit public bodies to evaluate tenders for public contracts using criteria ‘based on considerations of a social nature’.

  • What are the barriers to sustainable public procurement? We explain to the European Parliament

    The European Commission has stated that the revision of the Public Procurement Directive aims to clarify how the purchasing power of Europe’s public bodies can contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection.