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    Hormone-disrupting chemicals are everywhere. Here’s what the EU should do to protect us

    Endocrine disruptors are so deeply embedded in our daily lives that no one can opt out of exposure. It’s the role of legislators to make sure that our exposure to hazardous chemicals like these is reduced.

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    EU Tribunal deems lead chromates authorisation illegal

    A European Commission decision to allow a Canadian company to sell pigments for paints containing highly dangerous chemicals has today been deemed illegal.

  • Lead in paints: the challenge continues

    ClientEarth and its partner organisations are continuing the fight against the use of two chemicals of high concern in paints.

  • European chemicals agency improves chemical use transparency but gaps remain

    Europe’s chemicals agency has improved its policy on the publication of information it receives from businesses that use ‘substances of very high concern’ (SVHC).

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    European Commission’s delayed chemicals decisions endangering human health and environment

    Human health and the environment are being put at risk because of excessive delays in chemical regulatory decisions by the European Commission, new research reveals.

  • European chemicals agency must ‘redefine remit’ to serve public interest

    Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth are calling on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to redefine its role to better serve the public interest and not just the chemicals industry.

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    EU chemicals approval process stifles safer alternatives

    Analysis by ChemSec and ClientEarth shows the chemicals approval process gives undue influence to companies producing dangerous chemicals and stifles information on safer alternatives, limiting the market for companies that produce them.

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    EU review of chemicals law finds REACH is fit for purpose

    A review of EU chemicals legislation, known as the REACH REFIT has been published by the European Commission. ClientEarth lawyers have read the communication and set out their preliminary thoughts.

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    Chemicals imported for subsequent export do not need to be registered under REACH

    The ECJ has confirmed that substances that are imported into the EU with the purpose of being subsequently exported, and which are not placed on the EU market, do not need to be registered under REACH.

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    Chemical found in everyday homeware named as “dangerous” after 20 year fight

    Scientific experts from all over the EU have unanimously agreed that widely used chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor.

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    Commission to face EU judges over toxic plastics approval

    The Commission has ignored ClientEarth’s call to stop plastics recyclers using a hormone-harming chemical which causes infertility and developmental problems in children.

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    Commission faces legal challenge over toxic paint

    The European Commission is facing a new legal challenge after it approved the use of a dangerous neurotoxic chemical known to cause cancer, brain and nerve damage.

  • EU Court sides with chemicals regulator over toxics secrecy

    EU judges have sided with the chemicals industry, when they ruled that regulator ECHA does not need to release more data on the toxics being pumped into the environment.

  • Right to know: Consumers and toxic chemicals

  • REACH: How Europe’s toxic chemicals law protects us