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  • No revision needed for EU nature laws, says ‘official’ report

    An official study – which the European Commission has so far refused to publish – reveals that EU nature laws are fit for purpose and require no revision. ClientEarth calls for renewed focus on implementation of the laws.

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    ClientEarth’s series ‘European protected areas – navigating the legal landscape’

    ClientEarth has released a series of briefings examining legal requirements under the EU Habitats Directive for the management of protected areas in Europe.

  • Brexit “challenge” to politicians over UK environmental laws

    Environmental lawyers ClientEarth have expressed “shock and concern” at the the future of nature protections following the outcome of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. Voters decided the UK should leave the EU.

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    Confirmation of strength of EU nature laws shows why UK must vote ‘in’

    A leaked report from the European Commission shows EU nature laws are fit for purpose and need implementation – not reform.

  • Commission delay is “bad news” for nature and society

    A decision by the European Commission to delay publication of its analysis into the effectiveness of EU nature laws, has been condemned as “bad for society” by environmental lawyers ClientEarth.

  • Photo of children walking in forest to illustrate story about illegal logging plans bringing UNESCO to Białowieża Forest

    Illegal logging plans bring UNESCO to Białowieża Forest

    Today, UNESCO advisers visit Białowieża Forest after Polish Government illegally approved a huge expansion of logging in the World Heritage site.

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    Prime Minister’s promise to retain vital nature laws welcomed

    The Prime Minister’s promise to protect vital EU nature regulations has been welcomed by environmental lawyers ClientEarth. David Cameron’s comments come as two charities, the RSPB and WWF have come out in favour of the UK remaining part of the European Union.

  • Image of pygmy owl to illustrate story on Bialowieza "recovery plan" designed to mislead public

    Bialowieza “recovery plan” designed to mislead public

    Environmental lawyers ClientEarth have raised further concerns today about a Bialowieza “recovery plan” suggested by Poland’s environment minister in the ancient forest.

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    Five days to save Bialowieza forest

    The Polish government is planning to triple logging in Bialowieza forest, starting on Friday. It is ignoring 30,000 Polish people and a Commission complaint by NGOs.

  • ‘Bonkers’ Boris call to leave single market after Brexit

    Boris Johnson told Radio 4’s Today programme that Brexit would mean the UK leaving the single market as well as the EU. This will lead to more deaths in the UK from air pollution.

  • Children in forest to illustrate story about Commission 'concerned' about illegal decision to log Białowieża forest

    Commission ‘concerned’ about illegal decision to log Białowieża forest

    The European Commission has told journalists it is worried about the Polish government’s illegal decision to triple logging in Europe’s oldest forest.

  • 13000 Poles petition to protect Białowieża within three hours

    13,000 Poles petition to protect Białowieża after Commission complaint lodged

    A new Polish petition to protect Białowieża forest has gathered more than 13,000 signatures within hours of being launched.

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    Brexit ‘the greatest political threat to the environment in the UK’

    If we leave the EU we put our environment in peril, argues environmental lawyer James Thornton.

  • Photo of lynx to illustrate story on our letter to the Minister following decision to increase logging in Bialowieza

    Warning to Polish minister: more logging in Bialowieza violates EU law

    The Polish government has approved a threefold increase of logging in Białowieża Forest. This violates EU law, and we’ve written to the environment minister to tell him.

  • Photo of a moose to illustrate story about illegal logging threatening Poland's Białowieża Forest

    Illegal logging threatens Poland’s Białowieża Forest

    The Polish government says more logging is the only way to protect ancient Białowieża Forest, but scientists disagree.

  • Photo of harbour porpoise to illustrate article about new Scottish government conservation plan

    Harbour porpoises underprotected as Scottish ministers ignore advice on conservation areas

    The Scottish Government today proposed one conservation site for harbour porpoises, instead of the four areas called for by its conservation advisers.

  • Biodiversity offsetting policies raise more questions than answers

    ClientEarth has raised concerns that the UK Government is proceeding with policies for wildlife protection that their own evidence has failed to prove are effective or popular.

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    Brexit is ill-considered, bonkers and idiotic

    Leaving the European Union would put nature conservation and air quality at grave risk and would be “bonkers and idiotic.”

  • Image of ClientEarth CEO James Thornton looking casual prior to speaking about Brexit

    Brexit threat: What are the consequences for nature?

    The complexities of the UK leaving the EU and the environmental questions as yet unanswered by the Brexit ‘leavers’ are overwhelming.

  • Over half a million people in Europe tell politicians to defend wildlife

    Over half a million people in Europe tell politicians to defend wildlife.

  • Public consultation for EU wildlife laws opens

    ClientEarth has joined many other environmental organisations to protect the Birds and Habitats Directives, the laws governing wildlife protection in Europe.

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    Protecting species and habitats

    Habitat loss, pollution, climate change, agriculture and development are all putting a strain on Europe’s biodiversity.