The world is still not on track to avoid dangerous climate change. The implications of our failure to reduce fossil fuel emissions, the major cause of greenhouse gases and accelerate our transition to a low carbon economy are grave for the environment, and even life itself. It is therefore critical that urgent action is taken, and that is why we act to stem the harmful and irreparable effects of man-made climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions

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    Bulgaria faces EU Commission scrutiny over state aid misuse

    ClientEarth has triggered an examination of State aid given to polluting Bulgarian coal power plants by submitting a complaint to the EU Commission.

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    Don’t wait for “bitter end” of coal, lawyers urge

    A new report shows that while coal is destined to exit the global energy mix, governments need to go far further in speeding the transition.

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    Billions in public money funds climate assault from biomass

    Biomass report confirms years of doubt over the ‘carbon-neutral’ status of burning wood for power.

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    UK fails to put its money where its mouth is on coal

    In the same week the government wrapped up its coal transition consultation, it has granted millions of pounds to UK coal plants.

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