Forest Governance archive

  • Success for Gabonese forest communities

    After almost two years of hard work alongside Gabonese Civil society, we’re celebrating a major achievement.

  • Huge peat bog discovered in the Congo Basin – what does this mean for people and the planet?

    Scientists have discovered a peat bog the size of England in the Congo Basin – it could help us learn more about and fight climate change, but only if properly protected.

  • 5 things you didn’t know about land grabbing – “The Global Land Grab: Beyond the hype” – book review

    I work with a team of lawyers busy improving forest governance by strengthening human rights. For that reason, the title of this book alone – “The global land grab” – was very appealing from the outset.

  • ClientEarth on land tenure and forest issues in the Congo

    How can better land use governance help protect people and forests? Find out what we said in the latest issue of European Tropical Forest Research Network News.

  • Gabonese forest elephant

    Gabon resources

    This page aims to provide information to Civil Society Organizations and other actors working on natural resources and community rights related issues in Gabon.

  • Congolese villagers

    Republic of Congo legal resources

    This page intends to inform civil society organisations (CSOs) and any other stakeholder interested in the management of forest resources and community rights in connection with our work in the Republic of Congo.

  • One year of the EU Timber Regulation – how are we doing?

    More than 20 member states are failing to apply the EU Timber Regulation one year after it came into force

  • Ministry and civil society discuss forest governance in Gabon

    What happened when Gabonese civil society met the ministry to talk about forest governance?

  • Securing land and community resource rights – new report

    Securing land and community resource rights is one of the biggest issues facing people in many African countries. Read our new guide for land and tenure reform.

  • New forest partnership for stronger civil society in Gabon

    ClientEarth and the Gabonese government are working together to improve forest governance – find out more

  • Deforestation driven by demand – what can we do?

    Tackling the demand for timber and other commodities which drives deforestation is a key tool in the fight against forest destruction and degradation.

  • Forest governance brings together indigenous Hondurans and officials

    ClientEarth is in Honduras helping government, indigenous peoples and civil society have their fair say in sustainable forests for the future

  • Congo close to forest protection accord

    Yesterday, Congo drew one step closer to an anti-illegal logging deal with the European Union.

  • Forest peoples fight for human rights

    Anwar Sadat’s arrest underlines the threats faced by forest rights campaigners in developing countries around the world

  • Doha deadlock and the importance of public participation

    The Doha climate talks are over, but with public participation at risk, what will their legacy be?

  • Sharing forest benefits in Gabon

    ClientEarth discusses forest protection with civil society in Gabon.

  • ClientEarth visits Congo

    ClientEarth has just returned from Congo – what did we learn?

  • Le code forestier congolais a besoin d’alliés !

    Notre dernière mission au Congo Brazzaville nous a permis de suivre les développements liés au processus de révision, tant attendu, du code forestier congolais.

  • Late nights, little progress: REDD+ at Doha

    Optimism is thin on the ground as forest carbon emission scheme talks grind on.

  • REDD+ in Doha: Sticky Negotiation Points, continued…

  • Forest carbon on the table at Doha

    Doha climate talks focus on forest emission reduction scheme REDD+ and the myriad challenges still to be overcome.

  • Congo’s illegal logging agreement hangs in the balance

    The Republic of Congo is close to finalising anti-illegal logging agreements with the EU, but last-minute tweaks could mean the difference between success or failure.

  • Forest governance in focus as ClientEarth travels to Ghana

    Ghana was the scene of a recent international meeting to discuss forest protection strategies. ClientEarth joined government, civil society, forest-depending communities and industry to share experiences – find out what we learned.

  • Protecting Ghana’s forests is not just about trees

    ClientEarth’s forests team met Ghanian civil society to learn more about how we can help them protect forests and natural resources in West Africa.