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  • Republic of Congo timber: risks of illegality

    The EU Timber Regulation (‘EUTR’) prohibits the introduction of illegally harvested timber on the EU market and requires ‘operators’ to exercise due diligence.

  • Meeting forest communities in the Republic of Congo

    The forest code in the Republic of Congo is being revised. This summer, we met with forest communities in the north of the country to hear their opinion on what new drafts of the forest law should say. We want to ensure this opinion is reflected in new drafts.

  • Timber logs

    Public Procurement

    Many European countries have adopted procurement policies to ensure that the timber they purchase is sourced from sustainably-managed forests using an agreed set of criteria.

  • Empowering forest communities to tackle climate change

    There has traditionally been insufficient recognition of forest communities’ customary rights. However, upholding these rights could have a great impact on preserving forests and tackling climate change.

  • Forest conversion: What does the Congolese law say?

    What does the law say about converting forest to other uses in Congo-Brazzaville?

  • Gabonese civil society platform elects representatives to protect forests

    Gabonese civil society has elected representatives for the platform working on anti-illegal logging pacts known as Voluntary Partnership Agreements.

  • One step closer to forest benefit sharing in Gabon

    Find out how the people we work with in Gabon are pushing for forest benefits to be shared equally.

  • Corporate Responsibility: Zero Deforestation Commitments

  • Gabonese civil society on the new Sustainable Development Law

    Find out what Gabonese civil society thinks about a new sustainable development law, and what they’ve been doing to improve it.

  • A new law in France to implement the EU Timber Regulation

    France has a new weapon in the fight against illegal logging – find out more.

  • Forests and benefit sharing in Gabon: the political agenda is in progress

    The road is finally open for a substantive improvement of forest governance in Gabon – see our Gabonese partners’ comments on the process in the video below.

  • [Video kit] Know your rights – An introduction to forest communities’ rights…

    Our video kit aims at informing and raising awareness of wider audiences of certain rights (access to information, participation and justice, ownership and usage rights and benefit sharing) that are particularly relevant in the context of legal reform in the forest sector.

  • Civil society gets involved: My experience of the Congolese Forest Code review

    Congolese civil society is working to protect forests and the people that depend on them. Legal assistant and working party group member Ines Mvoukani describes her experience.

  • Congolese government’s doors are ‘wide open’ to civil society on forest code development

    For the past three years our forests team have been supporting Congolese civil society to engage in forest governance processes with government and industry. We assisted those working for sustainable forests, to help ensure they are managed with full participation of the communities that live in and around them.

  • Protecting Indigenous people’s rights in Republic of Congo (Fr/Eng)

    ClientEarth associate Lilian talks about protecting indigenous people’s rights in the Republic of Congo, West Africa.

  • What is effective community forest management?

    Can forest community management help protect people’s livelihoods and the planet?

  • High hopes for the International forum on Indigenous People of Central Africa (En/Fr)

    Indigenous people met with government, business and campaigners to discuss forest protection in Central Africa.

  • Protecting the shea tree

    Legal empowerment is helping Ghanaians like Sammy protect shea trees and people’s livelihoods.

  • How I became a “pocket lawyer” to protect forests in Ghana – by Elvis Kuudaar

    Ghanaian activist Elvis describes how legal empowerment helps him protect forests and wildlife.

  • Success for Gabonese forest communities

    After almost two years of hard work alongside Gabonese Civil society, we’re celebrating a major achievement.

  • Huge peat bog discovered in the Congo Basin – what does this mean for people and the planet?

    Scientists have discovered a peat bog the size of England in the Congo Basin – it could help us learn more about and fight climate change, but only if properly protected.

  • 5 things you didn’t know about land grabbing – “The Global Land Grab: Beyond the hype” – book review

    I work with a team of lawyers busy improving forest governance by strengthening human rights. For that reason, the title of this book alone – “The global land grab” – was very appealing from the outset.

  • ClientEarth on land tenure and forest issues in the Congo

    How can better land use governance help protect people and forests? Find out what we said in the latest issue of European Tropical Forest Research Network News.

  • Gabonese forest elephant

    Gabon resources

    This page aims to provide information to Civil Society Organizations and other actors working on natural resources and community rights related issues in Gabon.