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  • Could this court case transform how France makes its electricity?

    ClientEarth is joining a legal case that could break commercial strongholds in the French energy market, clearing the way for an energy system based on renewable energy and citizen participation.

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    Sister power plants in Greece face court challenge for disregarding people and planet

    Environmental organisations are mounting a legal challenge against two Greek power plants for their failure to comply with EU, national and international laws.

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    British public supports urgent action and litigation on climate change – poll reveals

    A groundbreaking new ClientEarth opinion poll reveals that the British public wants urgent action on climate change.

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    EU fails to strive for an ambitious renewable energy future

    EU decision makers agreed on a disappointingly low overall renewable target for 2030 of 32%. It now remains to be seen what measures will be put in place to ensure that EU countries meet this target.

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    Report: More investment needed to secure renewable energy future

    This year’s REN21’s Renewables 2018 Global Status Report reveals the transition to renewable energy is possible, but advances so far are uneven across sectors.

  • Agios Dimitrios power plant, Greece

    Greece’s biggest power plant faces additional challenges as court hearing looms

    Environmental organisations have submitted additional challenges to Greece’s biggest lignite-fired power plant, Agios Dimitrios.

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    European Parliament backs move towards redesigning the EU’s energy market

    A European Parliament committee has voted for stricter rules for measures taken by EU countries to ensure supply of electricity which could benefit renewables.

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    Public participation as part of the EU Climate Governance Regulation could help transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy future

    The European Parliament recently voted in favour of strengthening public engagement in national discussions on energy and climate policies.

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    European Parliament votes to burn wood unsustainably

    The European Parliament failed today to set more ambitious rules dictating how wood is burned for energy in the EU.

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    Lawyers call for rethink after 19 countries commit to wood and crop-burning for energy

    There are huge issues surrounding bioenergy. How can we make sure we are bringing emissions down if we can’t calculate what they are?

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    Twin coal plants in Greece face court challenge over illegal pollution

    Environmental lawyers have launched a case against two of Greece’s major coal plants for their failure to comply with EU law.

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    Electric vehicles bill a positive step for UK clean air and clean energy

    Newly promised charging infrastructure could be transformational for air quality and the energy market.

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    Prepare the grid for new energy era, say lawyers, as UK sees longest coal-free stint yet

    Coal-free days like today should prompt the government to make the grid ready for a different, cleaner energy mix.

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    UK Government challenged over emissions reduction plan as pressure to publish mounts

    ClientEarth has challenged the UK government over its continuing delay on publishing a new emissions reduction plan.

  • UK coal use drops 50 percent – but government risks gas lock-in

    New figures for the UK show coal use dropping, but the UK is also undergoing the biggest coal-to-gas switch in Europe, which could set a dangerous precedent.

  • photo of powerlines to illustrate story about Fresh concerns over how new Emissions Reduction Plan will be managed

    Fresh concern over emissions reduction plan as government ducks more robust reporting

    Under the UK Climate Change Act, the government is soon to release its latest five-yearly plan for cutting emissions. But for it to work, government must regularly appraise its progress.

  • Offshore windfarm to illustrate story saying Government noise on delayed climate plan leaves questions unanswered

    Government noises on delayed climate plan leave questions unanswered

    The UK is still waiting for its next carbon-cutting plan. Government has so far failed to reassure.

  • Electrician fixing power lines to illustrate story saying EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    This mammoth package of laws lets industry wield unprecedented influence over the EU’s energy future.

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    How can efficiency be put at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws?

    Efficiency should be at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws because it saves energy, it saves money and it helps protect the environment.

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    What is the Energy Union and the Market Design Initiative?

    ClientEarth explains what the Energy Union and the Market Design Initiative is. Why do we need it and what are its benefits?

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    CETA’s environment promises are little more than hot air – new analysis

    Toothless, unenforceable environment rules and a tribunal system which will prioritise corporate interests undermine claims that the EU-Canada trade agreement is a ‘gold standard’ of trade deals to benefit people and the planet.

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    Government makes wrong call on Hinkley

    The UK government’s decision to allow the building of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point is at odds with the country’s future energy needs

  • photo of windmill to illustrate story asking what does Brexit mean for UK community energy

    What does Brexit mean for UK community energy?

    Webinar – ClientEarth community energy expert Josh Roberts discusses what Brexit means for community energy in the UK, followed by a Q and A.

  • Image of city lights to illustrate story asking What is Efficiency First?

    What is Efficiency First?

    Efficiency First relates to energy efficiency and demand response. Its aim is to identify policy opportunities where efficiency can be integrated.