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    Hormone-disrupting chemicals are everywhere. Here’s what the EU should do to protect us

    Endocrine disruptors are so deeply embedded in our daily lives that no one can opt out of exposure. It’s the role of legislators to make sure that our exposure to hazardous chemicals like these is reduced.

  • European rules on chemicals used in the food chain do not protect public health

    We have warned EU rules on harmful chemicals in the food chain are too weak and leave the public open to unacceptable risks.

  • Lead in paints: the challenge continues

    ClientEarth and its partner organisations are continuing the fight against the use of two chemicals of high concern in paints.

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    Illegal push to weaken pesticides regulation risks health of people and environment

    Under pressure from a number of member states, the European Commission has revived a push to water down rules that protect against endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in pesticides.

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    More transparency needed in deciding food contact material rules

    Legal experts from environmental law charity ClientEarth have joined other key organisations working in the public interest in outlining the current weaknesses of current food contact material regulation.

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    EU institutions must disclose secret industry studies on chemicals in food

    ClientEarth lawyers are demanding increased transparency from the European Parliament and European Council on why certain chemicals allowed in food are considered safe.

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    EU Commission must face reality over hormone-disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has rejected the European Commission’s view that current regulation governing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) is sufficient when blatant gaps still exist.

  • Environmental lawyers ask for better protection from harmful chemicals in food packaging

    Speaking to the European Parliament, Alice Bernard said more needs to be done to protect people from harmful endocrine disruptor chemicals in food packaging.

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    ClientEarth joins EDC-Free Europe in calling for action against hormone disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has joined more than 70 other environmental health, women’s and consumer groups in Europe calling for a future free of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

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    EU law and endocrine disruptors: a lot remains to be done to prevent harm

    Speaking to the European Parliament today, ClientEarth chemicals lawyer Alice Bernard, said that more needs to be done to identify and ban these chemicals before the expiration of the EU 7th Environment Action Programme in 2020.

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    Guidance to identify hormone-disrupting chemicals undermines environmental protection

    Analysis from ClientEarth shows that the draft guidance which will be used to identify EDCs needs to be amended.

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    EU Parliament rejects dangerous and unlawful definition of hormone-harming chemicals

    A dangerous and unlawful definition of hormone-harming chemicals in pesticides has today been rejected by the European Parliament.

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    Analysis reveals unlawful action by EU Commission on hormone-disrupting chemicals

    The European Commission has gone beyond its power in order to allow endocrine disruptors to be used in pesticides, say experts.

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    Illegal and dangerous endocrine disruptor criteria approved

    Expert scientists from most EU countries today approved the European Commission’s proposed criteria to identify which pesticide chemicals may be hormone disruptors.

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    Chemical found in everyday homeware named as “dangerous” after 20 year fight

    Scientific experts from all over the EU have unanimously agreed that widely used chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor.

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    Commission sued over hormone-harming chemicals in plastic

    ClientEarth is suing the European Commission after it gave plastics recyclers permission to use a black-listed chemical which causes infertility and developmental problems in children.

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    Campaigners call for single system to identify hormone disruptors in cosmetics, water and toys

    A single system to identify hormone-harming chemicals is the best way to keep endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) out of our food, water, toys, and household products.

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    Chemicals regulator wins key fight for transparency on endocrine disruptors

    Chemicals regulator ECHA has won a key fight for transparency linked to endocrine disruptor DEHP.