Climate Governance archive

  • Pension funds must confront climate risk

    ClientEarth has teamed up with the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) to launch the Climate and Pensions Legal Initiative (CPLI).

  • 98 percent vote for climate change resolution at BP AGM

    ClientEarth has helped to coordinate the filing of a successful resolution whereby BP shareholders have overwhelmingly backed a resolution on climate change resilience at the company’s AGM today.

  • Dutch government in court over climate change – 10 things to know about the Urgenda case

    What is the case, who will win, and other questions answered.

  • Enforcing the Climate Change Act

    What does it mean for a law to be really “binding”? The answer is not as clear as you might think.

  • The Infrastructure Bill and the Climate Change Act – A bump in the road, not a U-turn

  • UK Climate Change Act – showing the way at home and abroad

    The high standards in the UK Climate Act are being exported to the EU – and beyond.

  • Methane, climate change and the Arctic

    The Arctic ice melting at such a pace that many scientists predict that the poles will soon be ice-free in September.

  • Marshall Islander’s climate change speech moves UN to tears

    Watch what happened when Marshall Islander Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner talked to the UN about climate change.

  • EU 30 percent energy efficiency target – a victim of political wrangling?

    The EU has set a disappointing 30% by 2030 target for energy efficiency, despite strong evidence of its economic, social and environmental benefits.

  • Can the London Stock Exchange help stop climate change?

    The LSE’s decision to join the UN sustainability initiative is an important one, and has the potential to fight climate change.

  • Climate sceptic arguments – and how to debunk them

    A common climate change myth – and how to answer it.

  • Can company directors insure against climate change?

    Chicago is facing a law suit for failing to protect against climate change-related flooding – what does this mean for business leaders and the insurance industry?

  • The IPCC’s Third Report is Proof Positive of the need for a Climate and Energy Act for Europe

    Perhaps the most chilling message to emerge from the IPCC’s third report is the yawning gap that is opening between the scale of the threat posed by climate change and the utility of the solutions.

  • Business can’t ignore climate change risks

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have released of the latest installment of their report, which shows business can no longer ignore the risks of climate change in their reporting and decision making.

  • Commission adopts new Energy and Environmental State Aid Guidelines

    Today, the European Commission published its new environmental and energy state aid guidelines – what do they mean for Europe?

  • Biomethane sustainability questions need answers

    What is biomethane and could it help us decarbonise Europe’s power generation?

  • Scottish community power – what we learnt

    We went to Scotland to find out how communities run their own renewable energy.

  • Energy revolution on your doorstep

    How do you put people at the centre of a renewable energy revolution?

  • The Story of Solutions – video

    Everyone knows over-consumption is killing the planet, but what can we do about it?

  • Is energy efficiency the world’s first fuel?

    Energy efficiency is a fuel just like fossil and renewables, says the International Energy Agency

  • Netherlands Energy Agreement kills EPZ biomass plan

    Unsustainable biomass plant plan snuffed out by the Netherland’s Energy Agreement for Sustainable growth

  • Energy savings directive decoded – free webinars for government and business

    Energy savings law can help Europe stay warm and save cash – three webinars to help you learn more.

  • ClientEarth attends the UK’s First Ever Community Energy Fortnight

  • Biofuels: what happens next after last week’s European Parliament vote?

    On 11 September the European Parliament voted on the proposal to address emissions from indirect land use change of biofuel production.