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    Government refuses to fix UK climate law’s fatal flaw

    A chance to make net zero emissions possible in real terms – but the UK government didn’t take it.

  • Scottish super-polluter mothballed: last coal power station closes

    As the last coal-fired power station in Scotland is closed, we look back over its history and ask whether this really is the end of coal in Scotland.

  • Abandoned coals

    Lessons from Exxon: Honesty’s the best policy

    As US states unite to establish if Exxon misled investors, it appears that corporate transparency isn’t just a bonus for investors and authorities – it’s becoming a legal necessity.

  • Photo of flowers and pylon to illustrate story about emissions loophole in the UK Energy Bill

    PM urged to close carbon emissions loophole in UK Energy Bill

    ClientEarth and Sandbag call on the the Prime Minister to count carbon emissions correctly in the Energy Bill.

  • Image of James Thornton CEO ClientEarth talking about the UK and how it must aim for net zero emissions to tackle climate change

    UK must aim for net zero emissions to tackle climate change

    The UK government should enshrine net zero emissions in UK law to cement its leadership on tackling climate change.

  • Environmental law expert James Thornton explains why a Brexit would be bad for the environment

    Brexit: Staying in the EU is best for UK nature and climate

    Brexit would be bad for the environment because the EU forces the UK and other EU countries to raise themselves to a higher standard of environmental protection.

  • Was the world serious about its Paris promises? New report says success depends on law

    In December, each country made commitments in Paris, detailing how they will act on climate in the coming years, and setting targets within their individual reach to achieve.

  • Ten ways to protect the environment in 2016

    After the Road to Paris, the road ahead: here’s how ClientEarth’s putting the law to work for people and planet this year.

  • The Climate Change Act: Weaknesses must be ironed out

    We have a chance to make the Climate Change Act finally do what it was made to: set clear and binding emissions targets across the board. Will MPs seize the chance to support this crucial change?

  • UK government’s Energy Bill leaves us in the dark

    The government’s energy policy is inconsistent. This is hurting the environment, industry and the consumers.

  • COP21 promises must be made law

    Country leaders must turn their Paris commitments into national law if the ambitious promises made at COP21 are to cut climate emissions, said ClientEarth chief executive James Thornton.

  • A consistent approach to climate risk disclosure

    In the wake of the Paris climate agreement, ClientEarth, along with partners, has written to a European financial authority urging it to promote climate risk disclosures from fossil fuel companies across the EU.

  • UK government’s energy policy is incoherent

  • COP21: 10 reasons governments must turn Paris pledges into national law

  • Open letter to all world leaders

  • Beyond the budget: 3 thoughts for government

    The Committee on Climate Change has just recommended what the fifth carbon budget should be – some thoughts for the government as it considers its decision.

  • The Guardian is right to champion climate change hope

    James Thornton, CEO of ClientEarth, today welcomed the Guardian’s decision to relaunch its Keep it in the Ground campaign.

  • Dutch government to re-open Urgenda climate change case

    The government said it would appeal the ruling, but has today raised the stakes by saying it wants to re-open the case entirely.

  • Will Dutch government appeal historic climate ruling? Eight things to know

    The Dutch government is debating whether to appeal a historic court order to cut emissions – what you need to know.

  • Climate change action makes “cold hard economic sense”

    Key players in finance and investment, as well as government ministers, are seeing the economic sense of taking action on climate change.

  • Four ways to strengthen the fight against climate change

    One of the most contentious issues in a Europe-wide debate – what is the best way to meet climate and energy targets?

  • Why pension fund trustees must consider climate risk

    Climate change represents a material risk to pension funds and must be taken into account when investment decisions are made.

  • The financial sector must consider climate risks

    At Climate Finance Day in Paris, key financial players stressed the need to move to a low carbon economy.

  • Shell follows BP with climate change resolution

    Shell shareholders follow BP by voting for greater transparency and reporting around climate change issues.