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  • Men installing solar panels to illustrate story asking How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    Households, local governments and small businesses can participate in the energy system, reducing the cost of energy for all and help Europe move towards a low-emission energy system.

  • Electrician fixing power lines to illustrate story saying EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    This mammoth package of laws lets industry wield unprecedented influence over the EU’s energy future.

  • children running and smiling with small toy windmills

    How can efficiency be put at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws?

    Efficiency should be at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws because it saves energy, it saves money and it helps protect the environment.

  • light buld in grass and flowers

    Good governance should be central pillar of new EU energy laws

    Eight new energy laws for the EU will be proposed by the European Commission on Wednesday. Known as the Winter Package, these laws must conform to the main principles of good governance.

  • hot air balloom for story saying CETA is not gold standard of trade deals

    CETA’s environment promises are little more than hot air – new analysis

    Toothless, unenforceable environment rules and a tribunal system which will prioritise corporate interests undermine claims that the EU-Canada trade agreement is a ‘gold standard’ of trade deals to benefit people and the planet.

  • Boris Johnson signing the Paris Agreement

    UK ratification of Paris agreement is a warning to Trump

    The UK has today ratified the Paris Agreement, a global treaty to tackle climate change.

  • image showing an American flag by a lake

    Trump needs to rethink climate position

    ClientEarth’s CEO James Thornton has urged President elect Trump to rethink his position on climate change and the Paris Agreement.

  • Girls in poppy field to illustrate story saying 21 Children win right to sue US Government over climate change

    21 children win right to sue US Government over climate change

    A group of 21 American children are challenging the US federal government over its climate change policies. Now Judge Anne Aiken, of the District of Oregon, has agreed that they have legal standing to do so.

  • chimneys autumn smoke dawn

    Government says no UK coal beyond 2025 – but leaves the door open for gas

    We now have an expiry date on domestic coal – but is it soon enough? We need clearer action and bolder ambition from the UK Government.

  • horse chestnut dark green

    “No reason for delay” on net zero UK emissions goal say environmental lawyers

    As the Paris Agreement comes into force, the UK must set its sights on net zero emissions.

  • rushes against blue sky

    Analysis: Don’t forget – we still need a net zero emissions target in UK law

    Climate lawyer Jonathan Church on why UK leaders must enshrine the promised net zero emissions target in law.

  • Flower close up in front of sea on the Isle of Sky

    Government wants to get emissions plan ‘right’. Here’s what’s needed

    ClientEarth recommends what the UK Government should do in the new emissions reduction plan, after their response to the CCC today

  • Sunset over UK Parliament from across bridge

    What is the Climate Change Act?

    The Climate Change Act sets legally binding targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the UK by at least 80% by 2050.

  • Photo of pylon to illustrate story saying Climate Change Act isn't working and must be revived

    UK Climate Change Act isn’t working and must be revived

    The UK’s pioneering Climate Change Act (CCA) isn’t working and robust policies to meet the fourth and fifth carbon budgets must be brought forward urgently.

  • Photo of Mystic River to illustrate story on Exxon sued over climate cover up

    Exxon sued over climate change cover-up

    US campaigners are suing energy giant ExxonMobil over an alleged climate cover-up at a Boston storage site.

  • flowers in front of stream and mountain in background to illustrate story on EU early ratification of Paris

    EU risks being left behind as Paris Agreement comes to life

    Failing to agree emissions sharing laws may risk the EU’s ability to meet the Paris Agreement further down the line.

  • Dutch coal developments are off the Urgenda

    It’s already game over for coal. To meet climate targets, countries must invest in clean energy.

  • photo of windmill to illustrate story asking what does Brexit mean for UK community energy

    What does Brexit mean for UK community energy?

    Webinar – ClientEarth community energy expert Josh Roberts discusses what Brexit means for community energy in the UK, followed by a Q and A.

  • UK should dig deep on latest coal decision

    After a local council hinted they planned to approve the UK’s largest coalmine, the government has waded in.

  • leafy rocks at entrance to gorge

    Javid must veto plans for UK’s largest coalmine

    Northumberland County Council planned to approve a new coalmine – the UK’s largest – at Druridge Bay. The government has weighed in on the decision.

  • image of a young seedling

    Three ways Nick Hurd can fight climate change

    The new climate change and industry minister must take action to put the UK back on the path to being a world leader on tackling emissions, as it was when it passed the world’s first Climate Change Act.

  • Time for May to lay down the environmental law

    As Theresa May settles into number 10, we urge her to keep the environment in her cross-hairs – DECC or no DECC.

  • Cutting carbon: Keeping on track after the referendum

    The UK has just set its fifth carbon budget, keeping on track to meet its climate commitments – just.

  • Breaking new ground on directors’ climate liabilities

    Experts have come together to explore the legal and financial duties of corporations in responding to climate change.