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  • Philippines from the air for story saying ExxonMobil Shell and BP summoned to appear at Philippines human rights climate case

    ExxonMobil, Shell and BP summoned to appear at Philippines human rights climate case

    ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and 43 other multinationals have been summoned to appear at a climate change hearing by the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights.

  • lightbulbs for analysis saying publication of clean growth strategy is imminent

    UK Clean Growth Strategy is imminent – is this the end of the beginning?

    The government’s plan to meet its emissions reductions targets will soon finally see the light of day. What tests must the new strategy pass if it is to put UK emissions reductions back on track?

  • hurricane from space

    Extreme weather means more litigation risk for business and government

    With Hurricane Harvey battering Texas, a new report by ClientEarth warns that governments and business may be increasingly at risk of litigation for failing to prevent foreseeable climate-related harm to people and infrastructure.

  • california beach

    Carbon Majors to face court over rising sea levels in California

    Three local governments have launched legal claims against 20 fossil fuel companies, seeking a contribution to their costs of adapting to rising sea levels.

  • house over lake new zealand

    Law student sues New Zealand over climate change failings

    A New Zealand law student is suing the country’s Minister for Climate Change over national emissions reduction targets.

  • Dimitri De Boer accepts ClientEArth's NGO registration in China

    ClientEarth gets China NGO registration

    ClientEarth has become one of the first foreign NGOs to receive an official registration in China, demonstrating the contribution it is making to environmental protection  there.

  • birds on wire for story about Trump pulling out of Paris agreement

    US withdraws from Paris Agreement as other countries rally behind climate deal

    US president Donald Trump is pulling the country out of the Paris climate change agreement, but climate action will continue globally and within the US.

  • People walking highest mountain in US for story on Why the US can't downgrade its Paris pledge for political convenience

    Why the US can’t downgrade its Paris pledge for political convenience

    Will President Trump pull the US out of the Paris Agreement? Rumour suggests he will, and world leaders are reportedly engaged in last-ditch diplomacy to prevent this.

  • bridge at sunset for story saying government challenged over missing carbon plan as pressure to publish mounts.jpg

    UK Government challenged over emissions reduction plan as pressure to publish mounts

    ClientEarth has challenged the UK government over its continuing delay on publishing a new emissions reduction plan.

  • pile of rocks by a still lake in the mountains

    The climate turning point must be 2020

    ClientEarth backs Mission 2020, a campaign launched today that aims to reach the climate turning point by 2020 by increasing ambition and urgency on climate action.

  • wooden sign that says 'please stay on track'

    Trump signs executive order rolling back Obama era climate protections

    The executive order will have a major impact on environmental and climate change policy in the US.

  • UK Parliament for story saying Lords report on electricity market reform leaves much to be desired

    Lords report on UK electricity market reform leaves much to be desired

    The House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee last week released a report on the “Price of Power”. The report has been criticised on numerous grounds, but the common theme is that it exaggerates the price (in the broadest sense of the word) of renewable electricity.

  • Mountains reflected in a lake with trees and a white house on the lake edge

    House of Lords warning over Brexit and environmental laws

    Maintaining existing standards of environmental protection through the Great Repeal Bill will be an immensely difficult task.

  • American flag on building

    It’s official: Trump moves to upend Obama’s climate action

    America’s new President has begun a climate purge, promising to raze Obama’s cornerstone Climate Action Plan.

  • photo of powerlines to illustrate story about Fresh concerns over how new Emissions Reduction Plan will be managed

    Fresh concern over emissions reduction plan as government ducks more robust reporting

    Under the UK Climate Change Act, the government is soon to release its latest five-yearly plan for cutting emissions. But for it to work, government must regularly appraise its progress.

  • Sunrise blue and pink sky over Washington D.C.

    Can Trump ignore the Paris Agreement?

    Can Trump ignore the Paris climate deal and what would happen to the Agreement if the US does withdraw?

  • Offshore windfarm to illustrate story saying Government noise on delayed climate plan leaves questions unanswered

    Government noises on delayed climate plan leave questions unanswered

    The UK is still waiting for its next carbon-cutting plan. Government has so far failed to reassure.

  • philippines-sunset-on-beach-with-people-in-shadow

    Date set for world’s first human rights and climate change inquiry

    The national investigation will consider the responsibility of fossil fuel companies and their effect on the environment and people of the Philippines. This is a globally significant moment for climate change and human rights law.

  • Brexit must mean stronger environmental laws, Theresa May told

    The government must restore and enhance the UK’s environmental protections during Brexit negotiations.

  • Men installing solar panels to illustrate story asking How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    Households, local governments and small businesses can participate in the energy system, reducing the cost of energy for all and help Europe move towards a low-emission energy system.

  • Electrician fixing power lines to illustrate story saying EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    This mammoth package of laws lets industry wield unprecedented influence over the EU’s energy future.

  • children running and smiling with small toy windmills

    How can efficiency be put at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws?

    Efficiency should be at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws because it saves energy, it saves money and it helps protect the environment.

  • light buld in grass and flowers

    Good governance should be central pillar of new EU energy laws

    Eight new energy laws for the EU will be proposed by the European Commission on Wednesday. Known as the Winter Package, these laws must conform to the main principles of good governance.

  • hot air balloom for story saying CETA is not gold standard of trade deals

    CETA’s environment promises are little more than hot air – new analysis

    Toothless, unenforceable environment rules and a tribunal system which will prioritise corporate interests undermine claims that the EU-Canada trade agreement is a ‘gold standard’ of trade deals to benefit people and the planet.