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  • Environmental NGOs to fight pesticide industry over wildlife-harming chemicals

    Buglife, ClientEarth, and three other European NGOs are applying to the courts to defend a ban of three deadly wildlife-harming chemicals.

  • In defence of bees – protecting the pesticides ban

    Some pesticides have been banned by the European Commission. Some companies are challenging this pesticides ban, so we’re standing up for the bees.

  • Save the bees – ban neonicotinoid pesticides

    We’ve joined with 12 other organisations to call for the UK Govt to show its commitment to reversing bee declines with a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides.

  • UK Government must enforce bee-harming pesticide bans

    The UK Government to show its commitment to reversing pollinator declines by fully enforcing the ban on bee-harming pesticide use.

  • Five cheats for plastic-free pampering

    Plastic-free beauty – how do you take the plastic out of pampering?

  • Sowing seeds to save the bees

    Now is the perfect time to sow seeds which help protect bees

  • Tiny nanos cause big delays in Brussels

    Nanomaterials are 100,000 times smaller than a human hair, so why are they causing big problems in Brussels?

  • 5 lessons from my first plastic-free week

    Five surprising things I learned in a week without single-use plastic.

  • Plastic challenge – day one was a mixed bag

    Day one of an attempt to live without plastic for a month – some unexpected challenges

  • An end to not-so-fantastic plastic bags?

  • image of child's toy spade shows why chemical safety must be enforced

    Chemical safety must be enforced

    Our new chemicals safety report shows manufacturers are inadequately reporting information on dangerous chemicals used in everyday products,

  • The March of the Beekeepers

    Beekeepers and supporters will be marching on Parliament to persuade Government to support an EU ban of chemicals that are harmful to bees.

  • Plastic fantastic?

    We know plastics are everywhere, but scientists have now found 1mm micro-plastics in the fish we eat

  • EC conclusions on nanomaterials ignore their own analysis

    The European Commission recently published a Communication assessing the adequacy and implementation of EU legislation for nanomaterials, yet the EC has a habit of ignoring its own conclusions.

  • Testing of “gender bending” chemicals fails to protect EU citizens

    A scientific report released this week by the European Commission demonstrates that there is growing evidence “gender bending” chemicals are contributing to a variety of adverse effects.

  • European agency releases documents requested about pesticide guidance

  • Nanotechnology – a threat to our health and the environment?

    The smallest car in the world is one billionth of a metre. 60,000 times smaller than the thickness of a hair. And is self-propelled. Instead of carrying people or freight, it could transport molecules and atoms and be used to reconstruct damaged cells.

  • EFSA provides long awaited access to internal draft documents

  • Listen to the bees

    From 2006 an incredible decline in the bees’ population has been observed in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Declines in bees’ population are not a new phenomenon.

  • On the menu this week: Pesticides

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) was set up in 2002 as an independent watchdog working to avoid and address food risks (and food crises) in Europe.

  • Ban BPA

    If there was a substance that could cause birth defects, affect brain development, promote breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes, change the gender of wild fish, increase heart disease, decrease your chance to have children and make you obese, where is the last place you would put it?

  • Right to know: Consumers and toxic chemicals

  • REACH: How Europe’s toxic chemicals law protects us