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    Illegal push to weaken pesticides regulation risks health of people and environment

    Under pressure from a number of member states, the European Commission has revived a push to water down rules that protect against endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in pesticides.

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    More transparency needed in deciding food contact material rules

    Legal experts from environmental law charity ClientEarth have joined other key organisations working in the public interest in outlining the current weaknesses of current food contact material regulation.

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    EU institutions must disclose secret industry studies on chemicals in food

    ClientEarth lawyers are demanding increased transparency from the European Parliament and European Council on why certain chemicals allowed in food are considered safe.

  • European chemicals agency improves chemical use transparency but gaps remain

    Europe’s chemicals agency has improved its policy on the publication of information it receives from businesses that use ‘substances of very high concern’ (SVHC).

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    EU Commission must face reality over hormone-disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has rejected the European Commission’s view that current regulation governing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) is sufficient when blatant gaps still exist.

  • EU Commission urged to close gaps in plastic strategy

    ClientEarth welcomes European Parliament’s environment committee vote to strengthen the EU Commission’s plans to cut plastic pollution, under the so-called Plastics Strategy.

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    European Commission’s delayed chemicals decisions endangering human health and environment

    Human health and the environment are being put at risk because of excessive delays in chemical regulatory decisions by the European Commission, new research reveals.

  • ECHA favouring microplastics industry opinion over scientific evidence of environmental damage

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has been favouring industry during its initial gathering of evidence on microplastics.

  • European Commission takes first step to tackle single use plastics

    The European Commission has taken a leap forward in tackling plastic pollution, with new laws to reduce throwaway single-use plastics.

  • Environmental lawyers ask for better protection from harmful chemicals in food packaging

    Speaking to the European Parliament, Alice Bernard said more needs to be done to protect people from harmful endocrine disruptor chemicals in food packaging.

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    ClientEarth joins EDC-Free Europe in calling for action against hormone disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has joined more than 70 other environmental health, women’s and consumer groups in Europe calling for a future free of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

  • European chemicals agency must ‘redefine remit’ to serve public interest

    Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth are calling on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to redefine its role to better serve the public interest and not just the chemicals industry.

  • Commission’s behaviour over cosmetics information reprimanded by EU Ombudsman

    The European Commission has been reprimanded for bad behaviour by the EU’s transparency watchdog, over its failure to release chemical data .

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    EU law and endocrine disruptors: a lot remains to be done to prevent harm

    Speaking to the European Parliament today, ClientEarth chemicals lawyer Alice Bernard, said that more needs to be done to identify and ban these chemicals before the expiration of the EU 7th Environment Action Programme in 2020.

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    UK Government should act now not ‘consult’ on clean air and plastics

    UK Chancellor Philip Hammond offers “consultations” on clean air and plastics in his Spring Statement in the House of Commons.

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    EU needs to ban unnecessary plastics to protect our oceans

    ClientEarth lawyer Tatiana Lujan, explains that only by phasing out and banning unnecessary plastic will we protect people and the planet.

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    EU chemicals approval process stifles safer alternatives

    Analysis by ChemSec and ClientEarth shows the chemicals approval process gives undue influence to companies producing dangerous chemicals and stifles information on safer alternatives, limiting the market for companies that produce them.

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    EU review of chemicals law finds REACH is fit for purpose

    A review of EU chemicals legislation, known as the REACH REFIT has been published by the European Commission. ClientEarth lawyers have read the communication and set out their preliminary thoughts.

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    Guidance to identify hormone-disrupting chemicals undermines environmental protection

    Analysis from ClientEarth shows that the draft guidance which will be used to identify EDCs needs to be amended.

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    EU law must adapt for environmentally beneficial circular economy

    The EU legal framework needs to be adapted to ensure the circular economy is truly beneficial for the environment.

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    EU plastics strategy could do more for the environment now

    The EU’s plastics strategy is ambitious and a step in the right direction but more drastic action is needed to curb the overall production of plastics in Europe.

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    Transparency shortcomings undermine safer substitutions for chemicals – new report

    The European Chemicals Agency is missing a major opportunity to speed up substitution of dangerous chemicals for safer alternatives, by failing to share strategic information.

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    Chancellor “has shied away from taking real action” on diesel in Budget

    The Chancellor Philip Hammond has outlined the details of his autumn Budget to MPs in the Commons.

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    EU Parliament rejects dangerous and unlawful definition of hormone-harming chemicals

    A dangerous and unlawful definition of hormone-harming chemicals in pesticides has today been rejected by the European Parliament.