As a consumer you are entitled to information about the toxic chemical content of any product you buy in the EU. A recent study found that not one of 14 major retailers, including Renault, Tesco, WH Smith and Argos could provide information about the toxic content of their products despite a legal obligation for them to do so within 45 days.

  • striped clothes on line for storying saying Laws must work together so the EU can reuse, recycle and repurpose

    Laws must work together so the EU can reuse, recycle and repurpose

    A circular economy – where goods are reused, recycled or repurposed – could be one way to avoid overexploiting our planet’s natural resources.

  • plastic yoga mat

    Commission sued over hormone-harming chemicals in plastic

    ClientEarth is suing the European Commission after it gave plastics recyclers permission to use a black-listed chemical which causes infertility and developmental problems in children.

  • honey bees

    EU pesticide ban flouted as countries exploit legal loophole

    EU countries are ignoring the ban on bee-harming pesticides and continuing to use them across Europe. The Commission has the power to curb this alarming trend, but is doing nothing to stop it.

  • child playing with plastic trucks to illustrate story calling for single criteria to indentify endoctine disruptors

    Campaigners call for single system to identify hormone disruptors in cosmetics, water and toys

    A single system to identify hormone-harming chemicals is the best way to keep endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) out of our food, water, toys, and household products.

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