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  • Missing ingredients in REDD+: a brief overview of proposed REDD+ text for adoption by COP17

    Last year in Cancun, the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed on a set of 7 social and environmental safeguards to ensure that REDD+ activities do not adversely affect human rights and biodiversity and promote multiple benefits.

  • COP17 – a few reports you might have missed

    COP17 is undoubtedly a ‘big deal’, with major publications covering up to date news coverage, the factual breakdown of the talks in Durban is easily accessible.

  • EFSA provides long awaited access to internal draft documents

  • REDD+ Safeguards Sticking Points: The Top Negotiation Issues in COP17

    Recommendations for ensuring that the design of the Safeguards Information System (SIS) is transparent, participatory and accurate.

  • Appetite for sustainability – Can we trust our seafood purchases?

    Two very different fishy stories in the news this week. Firstly, from the USA, further evidence that mis-labelling of fish is still rife, with 48% of fish DNA tested as part of an investigation by the Boston Globe labelled as a different species.

  • Expectations for Durban: taking steps to ensure the effective implementation of REDD+ safeguards

    As State Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol (KP) prepare to meet at the Conference of the Parties in Durban, South Africa, from November 28 to December 9, we expect they will be moving forward towards a decision on REDD+.

  • Will the Commission’s proposal achieve sustainable fisheries?

    This week, ClientEarth’s Sandy Luk and Susie Wilks gave a presentation to European politicians in Brussels on whether the European Commission’s reform proposal for the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) will achieve sustainable fisheries.

  • House of Commons Launch of ClientEarth Green Investment Bank legislation: the fight begins.

    Last night saw the Parliamentary launch of ClientEarth’s legislative proposals for the legislation establishing the Green Investment Bank.

  • Aarhus Centre contact

  • Aarhus Centre – What we do

  • Europe flying blind on fish stocks

    Worrying signals from Europe on maintaining sustainable fish stocks: in recent days the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs released this statement.

  • EU fisheries and access to information

    Good access-to-information news! This year we helped NGO TransparentSea in an access to documents case regarding EU Fisheries Partnership Agreements (FPAs) with third party states.

  • When it comes to traffic pollution, the UK is still the dirty old man of Europe

    Today the government submitted its official report to the European Commission on levels of air pollution in the UK for 2010. It makes for pretty grim reading. The report confirms that 40 of the 43 air quality zones in the UK breached the annual limits for nitrogen dioxide.

  • ClientEarth in Cameroon – Part two

    Nathalie Faure and Feja Lesniewska report from Douala, Cameroon, about the workshop ‘How can community control of forest lands be secured, delivered and maintained?’

  • Elite panel of scientists debunk myth of climate neutrality of bioenergy

    Grow a tree, burn a tree, grow a tree, burn a tree – in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, it all evens out, right? Wrong.

  • Fossil Fuels v. EPA: Europeans Join the Fray

    Today I’m writing about one of the most important cases before the U.S. courts this year. Called Coalition for Responsible Regulation v. EPA, it is being argued before the federal Court of Appeals in Washington. It will decide whether the U.S. Government can regulate greenhouse gases.

  • How current intergenerational unfairness is affecting the environment

    Angus Hanton, of the newly established Intergenerational Foundation, describes how he hopes current unfairness towards the younger generation might be used to help future generations.

  • ClientEarth in Cameroon

    ClientEarth’s Feja Lesniewska and Nathalie Faure describe arriving in Cameroon for a workshop on forest law in Africa.

  • Response to the Common Fisheries Policy at London Zoo

    It is no surprise that the upcoming reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) has been on the minds of the fishing industry and conservationists for years. But this year it’s also firmly on the agenda for MPs, MEPs, celebrity chefs, and people all over Europe.

  • We need climate change education to secure more UK jobs

    Blog by Matt Williams (ClientEarth communications intern) and Helen Markides who are part of the UK Youth Climate Coalition’s youth delegation to the United Nations climate talks.

  • Listen to the bees

    From 2006 an incredible decline in the bees’ population has been observed in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Declines in bees’ population are not a new phenomenon.

  • Talkin’ about the GAP

    ClientEarth is delighted to be joined by Matt Williams from the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC). Matt is part of UKYCC’s youth delegation to the UN climate talks ( and he is currently interning with our communications team.

  • Tar sands in Europe? No thanks.

    EU lawmakers are to introduce a new directive which would effectively ban tar sands fuel from entering Europe. It is concerning that the UK government is trying to block it.