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  • Cars in traffic

    Euro 5 bans possible immediately – official ruling published

    The German Federal court has published its landmark ruling about diesel bans, confirming these are legally possible and, in areas where it is the fastest route to reducing pollution, legally required.

  • Transparency is essential to assess if fisheries control laws are effectively implemented across the EU

    ClientEarth has filed two complaints against the European Commission to the European Ombudsman, asking for information on the implementation of the EU Fisheries Control Regulation.

  • Access to Justice update from ClientEarth and Justice & Environment – April 2018

    Editorial : The push for universal justice is just as important online, especially as so much of the legal work occurs digitally. We’re currently witnessing the pros and cons of this digital revolution firsthand…

  • clientearth global good awards

    Wins and recognition for ClientEarth at Global Good Awards 2018

    This unique ceremony aims to recognise and reward change in all organisations working towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

  • Traffic at sunset

    European Commission legal action on air pollution ‘welcome but late’

    The European Commission announced today that it will refer six EU countries to the Court of Justice of the European Union for their prolonged failure to address air pollution.

  • Environmental lawyers ask for better protection from harmful chemicals in food packaging

    Speaking to the European Parliament, Alice Bernard said more needs to be done to protect people from harmful endocrine disruptor chemicals in food packaging.

  • fox in lavender

    Lords vote backs meaningful green watchdog

    An amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that demands environmental standards are maintained and enforced after Brexit has just passed in the House of Lords.

  • wind turbines against purple orange sunset

    No more coal, no new gas – it’s vital the UK government invests in our clean future

    Countries have crucial decisions to make about their energy mix beyond the coal era. In the UK, there is no need for new gas – so what comes next?

  • Let the digital quest for justice for all leave no one behind

    The push for universal justice is just as important online, especially as so much of our legal work occurs digitally. We’re currently witnessing the pros and cons of this digital revolution firsthand.

  • Photo of lynx for story saying Polish government half-complies with EU Court order on illegal logging – 20 minutes after press conference highlights failure to act

    Polish government confirms it will half-comply with EU Court order on illegal logging – minutes after press conference highlights failure to act

    The Polish government has half-complied with EU judges’ order to reverse its illegal decision on logging in Bialowieza Forest, 20 minutes after environmentalists held a press conference highlighting its failure to act.

  • child playing with lego

    ClientEarth joins EDC-Free Europe in calling for action against hormone disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has joined more than 70 other environmental health, women’s and consumer groups in Europe calling for a future free of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

  • New EU directive proposal on collective redress for consumers lacks environmental dimension

    The European Commission has published a proposal for a new directive on representative actions for the protection of the collective interests of consumers.

  • European chemicals agency must ‘redefine remit’ to serve public interest

    Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth are calling on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to redefine its role to better serve the public interest and not just the chemicals industry.

  • Public consultation open on access to justice at EU institutional level

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the way to bring the EU into compliance with the access to justice provisions of the Aarhus Convention.

  • Tree partially submerged in water

    ClientEarth appoints ‘Head of Climate’ to drive net zero emissions shift

    ClientEarth has appointed lawyer Alice Garton to lead its Climate programme. Alice is a senior corporate lawyer and has been at ClientEarth for three years leading the organisation’s award-winning Company & Financial Project.

  • Bird running on water

    ClientEarth takes legal action against construction of gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 in Finland

    ClientEarth has submitted a complaint to the Finnish administrative court in Vaasa to halt the construction of a 374 kilometre-long section of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the country.

  • Mountain path in Snowdonia

    UK government’s green watchdog plans lack legal punch

    ClientEarth calls on the UK government to strengthen its plans for an environmental watchdog after consultation reveals a toothless body post-Brexit.

  • people in cafe

    New briefing casts doubt on Aviva coal engagement strategy

    Today, the Unfriend Coal network released its report “Aviva and Coal: a very long engagement”. The briefing casts doubt on the success of the company’s engagement policy with coal companies.

  • Follow-up to Dieselgate: Individuals’ actions for damages before the EU General Court dismissed

    The Court of Justice of the EU dismissed a case brought by individuals seeking compensations for harm caused by air pollution.

  • Spain discusses issues on access to justice during first national workshop

    On 25 April, the Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Medio Ambiente (IIDMA) hosted the launch event of the Access to Justice project in Spain.

  • Agios Dimitrios power plant, Greece

    Greece’s biggest power plant faces additional challenges as court hearing looms

    Environmental organisations have submitted additional challenges to Greece’s biggest lignite-fired power plant, Agios Dimitrios.

  • desert road in Australia standing rocks

    Wake-up call for coal majors as record number of shareholders protest corporate climate lobbying

    Investors in Rio Tinto have made it clear that they will not stand by and watch while the company funds lobby groups that block climate policy.

  • Millenium Bridge, London

    New WHO data shows more government action needed to protect people from harmful air

    The World Health Organization (WHO) published new data that shows an alarming proportion of people in most EU countries are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.

  • cliff with sunset and sea

    A green watchdog with teeth

    The UK government has announced plans for a new ‘world-leading’ green watchdog. Read the ClientEarth blueprint for an effective watchdog with teeth here.