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  • Tar sands: a sticky situation for Shell

    Royal Dutch Shell will face scrutiny on its controversial investments in the Canadian tar sands at its next Annual General Meeting.

  • Will a barefoot politician please step forth?

    The recriminations for the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Change summit to deliver a more robust deal on CO2 reductions are continuing in earnest.

  • Tuvalu’s proposal reveals what Copenhagen is all about

    The Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), including the island of Tuvalu, has said that any deal that allows a temperature rise of more than 1.5 degrees C is not negotiable.

  • Human rights – getting to the heart of climate change

    Through a serendipitous piece of scheduling, a COP15 side event on human rights and climate change was held today, 10th December: International Human Rights Day.

  • Copenhagen: Political will ‘will never be stronger’

    Will there be an agreement? What form might it take? And it will be enough?

  • Political meltdown in the sunburnt country: Where to now for Australian climate policy?

    In one of the most dramatic weeks in Australian politics, the Australian emissions trading bill was defeated in the Senate this morning for the second time. Australia will now have nothing to show at Copenhagen and it is more uncertain than ever which path Australia will now take to deal with climate change.

  • Hollywood director Sydney Pollack’s environmental legacy remembered

    Sydney Pollack, the actor, director and producer, has been hailed as a legendary figure, the ‘last of his kind,’ as the Los Angeles Times put it. What is less known is his contribution to the environment.