Aarhus Convention archive

  • Girl holding parents' hands to illustrate story saying Commission ignores UN rebuke on access to EU Court

    Commission ignores UN rebuke on access to EU Court

    The European Commission continues to block court access in environmental cases, answering a UN committee rebuke with tired arguments that have already been dismissed.

  • EU illegal timber trade

    European Environmental Law Observatory News – September 2016

    This issue of the European Environemtnal Law Observatory Newsletter covers materials published between July and September 2016.

  • water droplet falling from leaf

    European Environmental Law Observatory News – July 2016

    This issue of the European Environemtnal Law Observatory Newsletter covers materials published between January and July 2016.

  • EU violating the Aarhus Convention: Public right to access to justice not yet assured

    Pacta sunt servanda is a well-known principle for lawyers. It is a basic principle of civil law and it is widely used in international treaty law. But don’t panic, this article is not about legal language: It is all about common sense.

  • Commission turns a blind eye to public concerns on Member States’ compliance with EU environmental law

    Conformity-checking studies on Member State’s compliance with EU environmental law remain sheltered from any public scrutiny. Commission’s non-disclosure policy of these studies is at odd with EU legislation on access to environmental information, which commits the EU institutions to actively disseminate information related to the environment.

  • Staying in the EU is best for UK nature and climate

    If you want to take care of animals, plants, people, and the whole of the environment, stay in the EU. It really is that simple.

  • Trade Secrets Directive: Trilogues strike uneasy compromise

    The Trade Secrets Directive is almost finalised – what does it mean for transparency in the EU?

  • Trilogue meetings threaten safeguards in trade secrets law

    Trilogue meetings to finalise the Trade Secrets Directive are underway, but their secretive nature means valuable amendments that safeguard people’s right to information are at risk of being dropped. Make sure you have your say on Change.org.

  • Protecting health and environment most important, EU judges find

    In a landmark ruling on Thursday, the EU court decided that citizens have a right to know who is making food safety decisions and how they are made.

  • What next for the Trade Secrets Directive?

    Changes to the Trade Secrets Directive put forward by MEPs in the the Legal Affairs Committee do not encourage transparency for companies, nor do they guarantee protection for whistleblowers.

  • Regional workshop in Brazzaville: Looking back to go forwards

    We went to Brazzaville to talk about our project on forest governance with partners from Gabon, Ghana and the Republic of Congo – find out what happened.

  • What do new public procurement rules mean for sustainable timber?

    New EU rules on government buying were published this week – and they could make timber more sustainable around the world

  • Ecocide as a crime – what could it mean for the Earth?

    What would it mean for the Earth if ecocide was made a crime? Read on for more information about the European Citizens’ Initiative and have your say.

  • Sustainability labels – a helpful “short cut” in procurement and life?

    How can I tell if it’s really more sustainable? Are sustainability labels a helpful shortcut?

  • Access to documents and environmental information held by EU institutions and bodies: A guide for citizens and NGOs

  • On Track to the Future

    Shortly before joining ClientEarth I found myself standing on a verge in Germany, hiding behind a tree, dressed as a carbon emission.