Małgorzata Smolak

Top influencer award for Polish lawyer

ClientEarth lawyer, Malgorzata Smolak, has been named as one of the most influential women in Poland for her environmental work.

Malgorzata, known as Gosia, was named on a list of the 50 most influential women by the Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy.

Gosia was described as a woman “whose influence on shaping reality is undeniable.”

The publication highlighted Gosia’s work in tackling air pollution and last year’s major victory in halting the Północ power plant.

The award comes as a significant boost for the environmental law group.

Gosia, who is based in Warsaw, is particularly interested in the energy sector and air quality issues. For years she has warned about environmental and pollution problems in Poland and has used the law to try to solve them.

According to a report from the World Health Organisation in 2016, 33 of the 50 most polluted towns in Europe are located in Poland.

And according to a recently published report by the European Environmental Agency regarding the concentration of benzopyrene in the air – Poland comes off on the worst in the EU.

In her own legal reports, Małgorzata Smolak points out that self-governments in Małopolska region haven’t implemented much needed actions to tackle pollution, such as changes of heating systems in households.

Now, ClientEarth will call for fines for non-fulfilment of duty by their mayors.

Gosia says: “We want to take note of co-responsibilty of municipalities for air pollution”.

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