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  • Children in forest to illustrate story about Commission 'concerned' about illegal decision to log Białowieża forest

    Commission ‘concerned’ about illegal decision to log Białowieża forest

    The European Commission has told journalists it is worried about the Polish government’s illegal decision to triple logging in Europe’s oldest forest.

  • 13000 Poles petition to protect Białowieża within three hours

    13,000 Poles petition to protect Białowieża after Commission complaint lodged

    A new Polish petition to protect Białowieża forest has gathered more than 13,000 signatures within hours of being launched.

  • Photo of boy in forest to illustrate story saying Commission complaint lodged as Polish minister illegally approves logging in Białowieża

    Commission complaint lodged as Polish minister illegally approves logging in Białowieża

    ClientEarth and six other campaigners today lodged a Commission complaint after the Polish government illegally gave permission to triple logging in Białowieża forest.

  • Image showing bridge in a forest

    EU membership good for UK environment

    MPs have released a report which says that EU membership is good for the UK’s environment

  • image of bench on lake district

    Brexit ‘the greatest political threat to the environment in the UK’

    If we leave the EU we put our environment in peril, argues environmental lawyer James Thornton.

  • Photo of lynx to illustrate story on our letter to the Minister following decision to increase logging in Bialowieza

    Warning to Polish minister: more logging in Bialowieza violates EU law

    The Polish government has approved a threefold increase of logging in Białowieża Forest. This violates EU law, and we’ve written to the environment minister to tell him.

  • Photo of a moose to illustrate story about illegal logging threatening Poland's Białowieża Forest

    Illegal logging threatens Poland’s Białowieża Forest

    The Polish government says more logging is the only way to protect ancient Białowieża Forest, but scientists disagree.

  • Biodiversity offsetting policies raise more questions than answers

    ClientEarth has raised concerns that the UK Government is proceeding with policies for wildlife protection that their own evidence has failed to prove are effective or popular.

  • Picture of red phone box in a field

    Brexit is ill-considered, bonkers and idiotic

    Leaving the European Union would put nature conservation and air quality at grave risk and would be “bonkers and idiotic.”

  • Image of ClientEarth CEO James Thornton looking casual prior to speaking about Brexit

    Brexit threat: What are the consequences for nature?

    The complexities of the UK leaving the EU and the environmental questions as yet unanswered by the Brexit ‘leavers’ are overwhelming.

  • Environmental law expert James Thornton explains why a Brexit would be bad for the environment

    Brexit: Staying in the EU is best for UK nature and climate

    Brexit would be bad for the environment because the EU forces the UK and other EU countries to raise themselves to a higher standard of environmental protection.

  • MEPs give overwhelming support to Europe’s nature laws

    The European Parliament voted yesterday with a majority of 592 to 52 in favour of better implementation of Europe’s wildlife laws.

  • Harbour porpoise

    Scottish ministers warned over failure to designate protected areas for harbour porpoises

    Scottish ministers have been warned that they are breaking the law by failing to designate specially protected areas for harbour porpoises.

  • ‘Safe harbour’ for porpoises with five new protected zones

    The UK Government opens consultation on five new protected areas for harbour porpoise

  • Protecting nature today and in the future

    The UK government is working on a 25-year plan for nature. This will shape the way the UK approaches the protection and restoration of wildlife.

  • Over half a million people in Europe tell politicians to defend wildlife

    Over half a million people in Europe tell politicians to defend wildlife.

  • Native species in the Infrastructure Act

    The UK is home to many species that have been struggling. Some have disappeared altogether. We want to make sure these species are given the chance to make a comeback.

  • Assessing biodiversity offsetting

    When wildlife is lost due to human activity, we cannot assume it is replaceable. We want to make sure that when plans are made for building or development, valuable wildlife will not be lost.

  • Defending wildlife laws across Europe

    The Birds and Habitats Directives are vital for protecting wildlife in Europe. They give protected status to species and habitats. It is these laws, with other crucial environmental legislation, that we use to defend wildlife.

  • Standing up to threats to wildlife

    We want to improve the legal protection offered to European wildlife – both in principle and in practice. You can help us by filling in this survey.

  • Public consultation for EU wildlife laws opens

    ClientEarth has joined many other environmental organisations to protect the Birds and Habitats Directives, the laws governing wildlife protection in Europe.

  • Preventing injuries to harbour seals

    The harbour seal population in the UK is in decline. A recent UK-wide report concluded that the population was considered ‘unfavourable – inadequate.’

  • Bee Coalition questions strength of Government’s National Pollinator Strategy

    Major UK environmental NGOs say stronger action is needed to protect pollinators from pesticides in National Pollinator Strategy

  • Image of black stork illustrating protecting species and habitats

    Protecting species and habitats

    Habitat loss, pollution, climate change, agriculture and development are all putting a strain on Europe’s biodiversity.