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  • natural gas field

    Nord Stream 2 “useless and illegal”, say environment experts

    Europe’s newest gas pipeline does not comply with EU law, environment charities have warned.

  • deer bialowieza forest

    Polish government has 24 hours to cancel illegal logging or risk EU Court

    The Polish government has 24 hours to justify its illegal logging in Białowieża Forest to the European Commission, or risk facing judges from the EU Court.

  • IMage of puffins for RSPB story

    Concrete action essential as EU unveils new plan for nature

    A new plan to improve nature and biodiversity around Europe has been released by the EU.

  • bison and calk for story saying Final legal warning for Polish government as it prepares to log Białowieża Forest

    Final legal warning for Polish government as it prepares to log Bialowieza Forest

    The European Commission has taken the final step before litigation in the EU Court over illegal logging in Bialowieza Forest.

  • A decaying log in Bialowieza Forest

    More logging in Bialowieza Forest announced as Commission urged to act

    Poland announces more intense logging in Białowieża Forest, a year after ClientEarth and others lodged a complaint to the European Commission.

  • Image of a forest focusing on the trees

    England’s 25 year plan for the environment lacks the policies needed to realise the government’s vision

    The UK Government’s draft environment plan sets out an ambitious goal, but lacks the details needed to demonstrate how they will achieve their aims.

  • Howth: The island of Ireland's Eye, part of the Special Area of Conservation

    Reefs, sandbanks and shallow bays – using the law to protect marine ecosystems

    This briefing series provides campaigners with the tools to effectively use the law to protect marine wildlife

  • Red squirrel in Finland

    Public participation essential for designing EU Action Plan for nature

    ClientEarth has told the European Commission that public participation will be key to developing an Action Plan for implementing the Birds and Habitats Directives.

  • farming and river for story saying Polish water under threat as nitrate pollution laws fall short

    Polish water under threat as nitrate pollution laws fall short

    Despite declaring that a new Water Act to enter into force on 1 January 2017, the Polish Government has not yet set a date for submitting the draft law to parliament. This threatens Polish water resources and fragile ecosystems.

  • Białowieża case - Polish courtand

    Polish Ombudsman challenges Environment Minister’s decision to log Bialowieza Forest in court

    This week ClientEarth spoke in court in support of the Polish Ombudsman, in a case challenging the Polish Environment Minister’s decision to increase logging in the Bialowieza Forest.

  • English longhorn cow and calves, Knepp Estate

    Public money for public goods

    Replacing the Common Agricultural Policy means the UK can spend public money on public goods like natural flood management and wildlife habitat

  • row in the forest in the wintertime

    Renewed threat to Polish forest as government confirms illegal logging plan

    Europe’s oldest forest is facing a renewed threat, after the Polish government confirmed it will continue with illegal plans to massively increase logging.

  • puffin close-up with pink flowers

    Faulty nature assessments fail Europe’s wildlife

    A persistent failure to carry out evaluations to protect nature sites across Europe – required by EU law – has been found in new analysis.

  • honey bees

    EU pesticide ban flouted as countries exploit legal loophole

    EU countries are ignoring the ban on bee-harming pesticides and continuing to use them across Europe. The Commission has the power to curb this alarming trend, but is doing nothing to stop it.

  • Mountains reflected in a lake with trees and a white house on the lake edge

    House of Lords warning over Brexit and environmental laws

    Maintaining existing standards of environmental protection through the Great Repeal Bill will be an immensely difficult task.

  • Snow-topped mountains in Scotland

    What is the 25 Year Plan for the Environment?

    In this Q+A ClientEarth explain what the government’s 25 Year Plan for the environment is, how the plan relates to Brexit, and how it can best protect nature in the UK.

  • Barn owl in flight

    A new Environmental Protection Act for the UK?

    The UK must have equivalent or better levels of environmental protection once we leave the EU, a Committee of the House of Commons says.

  • Orange sunrise with flowers in shadow in front

    20 ways to protect the planet in 2017

    In 2017, we will build on our successes and continue to use the law to protect people and the planet. In this post, each of our teams look forward to the New Year.

  • photo of heron on green boat to illustrate story saying Problems with water law - Poland heads towards a crisis

    Problems with water law: Poland heads towards a crisis

    The Polish Government has just two weeks to adopt a new water law. If it does not, it faces fines of millions of euros – not to mention the risk that the EU will stop giving subsidies to Poland.

  • Deer in the snow in the lake district

    Major win for wildlife as EU nature laws saved

    As wildlife in Europe is depleting, it is even more important that we have these laws to help us reach the 2020 biodiversity targets.

  • barb on barbed wire fence in front of green field

    What happens when countries break EU environmental law?

    Law is the foundation of the integrity and effectiveness of the European Union, so fines for breaking it are set high enough to stop other states being tempted to try their luck. Penalties can go up to several million euros. Let’s see how it works in practice.

  • Brexit must mean stronger environmental laws, Theresa May told

    The government must restore and enhance the UK’s environmental protections during Brexit negotiations.

  • Picture of kingfisher to illustrate story asking What happens to EU nature laws after Brexit?

    What happens to EU nature laws after Brexit?

    ClientEarth answers your questions on what happens to the EU nature laws after Brexit, under either a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ exit from the European Union.

  • Singing Robin bird

    EU tensions mount over nature law delay

    The European Commission has failed to publish its findings following an in-depth review of EU nature laws by its consultants.