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  • nuclear power colourful lights

    New report proves there should be “no more new nuclear” in UK

    A report from the National Audit Office shows the extent of bad decision-making that enabled the Hinkley Point C nuclear deal.

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    Electric vehicles bill a positive step for UK clean air and clean energy

    Newly promised charging infrastructure could be transformational for air quality and the energy market.

  • nighttime shot of bulgarian church

    ClientEarth challenges unlawful Bulgarian fossil fuel subsidy

    Lawyers have challenged €1.3bn in power subsidies it says were not formally approved.

  • natural gas field

    Nord Stream 2 “useless and illegal”, say environment experts

    Europe’s newest gas pipeline does not comply with EU law, environment charities have warned.

  • silhouette industrial chimney smoke

    A good week for clean air: tough new pollution standards mean plants must conform or close

    EU countries have finally voted to secure tough new industrial pollution rules that could save thousands of lives each year.

  • tree silhouette power line

    Prepare the grid for new energy era, say lawyers, as UK sees longest coal-free stint yet

    Coal-free days like today should prompt the government to make the grid ready for a different, cleaner energy mix.

  • Image showing a windfarm on a hill overlooking a field of crops

    Bulgaria faces EU Commission scrutiny over state aid misuse

    ClientEarth has triggered an examination of State aid given to polluting Bulgarian coal power plants by submitting a complaint to the EU Commission.

  • light through coal tunnel

    Don’t wait for “bitter end” of coal, lawyers urge

    A new report shows that while coal is destined to exit the global energy mix, governments need to go far further in speeding the transition.

  • UK Parliament for story saying Lords report on electricity market reform leaves much to be desired

    Lords report on UK electricity market reform leaves much to be desired

    The House of Lords Economic Affairs Select Committee last week released a report on the “Price of Power”. The report has been criticised on numerous grounds, but the common theme is that it exaggerates the price (in the broadest sense of the word) of renewable electricity.

  • UK rooftops and sunset for story asking Is June the new timeline for delayed UK emissions reduction plan

    Is June the new timeline for delayed UK emissions reduction plan?

    The government’s new Emissions Reduction Plan is overdue, and getting more overdue by the month. Today’s news suggests we could be waiting until June.

  • treetops in moonlight

    Billions in public money funds climate assault from biomass

    Biomass report confirms years of doubt over the ‘carbon-neutral’ status of burning wood for power.

  • yellow flowers coal plant

    UK fails to put its money where its mouth is on coal

    In the same week the government wrapped up its coal transition consultation, it has granted millions of pounds to UK coal plants.

  • smoke stack lilac orange

    And ‘Europe’s greenest’ award goes to… German coal capital

    Coal capital Essen has scooped this year’s official ‘Europe’s greenest’ title. Our environmental lawyers are incredulous.

  • misty pine treetops

    Over £1bn in public funds to finance Drax’s not-so-clean power conversion

    Doubts remain over whether public money is best spent on wood-burning for UK power.

  • winter frost on flower leaves against blue sky

    EU state aid inquiry finds energy market intervention should be last resort, but fails to focus on climate

    The report finds that EU countries need to better assess the need for capacity mechanisms, as they have failed to do so in the past.

  • Men installing solar panels to illustrate story asking How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    How can people make, use and sell their own renewable energy?

    Households, local governments and small businesses can participate in the energy system, reducing the cost of energy for all and help Europe move towards a low-emission energy system.

  • Electrician fixing power lines to illustrate story saying EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    EU energy package disappoints with weak laws and strong industry influence

    This mammoth package of laws lets industry wield unprecedented influence over the EU’s energy future.

  • huts on a hill in Romania

    Romanian mine closures a further signal of coal’s demise

    Romania to provide equivalent of €99 million in state aid to close down two ageing coalmines.

  • children running and smiling with small toy windmills

    How can efficiency be put at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws?

    Efficiency should be at the heart of the EU’s new energy laws because it saves energy, it saves money and it helps protect the environment.

  • light buld in grass and flowers

    Good governance should be central pillar of new EU energy laws

    Eight new energy laws for the EU will be proposed by the European Commission on Wednesday. Known as the Winter Package, these laws must conform to the main principles of good governance.

  • Brussels lights at night view from space

    What is the Energy Union and the Market Design Initiative?

    ClientEarth explains what the Energy Union and the Market Design Initiative is. Why do we need it and what are its benefits?

  • chimneys autumn smoke dawn

    Government says no UK coal beyond 2025 – but leaves the door open for gas

    We now have an expiry date on domestic coal – but is it soon enough? We need clearer action and bolder ambition from the UK Government.

  • power pylon against blue sky

    UK tries to block laws that would limit deadly pollution

    The UK Government has lobbied the EU to weaken pollution limits for Europe’s power plants, a move at odds with public pronouncements.

  • illuminated garlands

    Analysis: Spanish mines paid to close, must close

    Spain’s coalmine closure plan has been approved by the European Commission and must go full steam ahead.