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    Energy giant Engie must pay back 10 years’ worth of illegal tax breaks

    Lawyers warn fossil fuel companies should factor the potential payback of illegal subsidies into the “vast portfolio of risks” they face.

  • ‘Lightbulb moment’ as climate risk hits the mainstream for UK pensions industry

    The UK government has recommended pensions law require providers to consider climate risk in core investment decision-making, in what would be a breakthrough for the financial system.

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    Diesel investigation hots up in Germany with Audi arrest

    The chief executive of carmaker Audi has been arrested in Germany by prosecutors probing the diesel emissions scandal. 

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    German VW fine means all emissions cheats on the hook

    Car maker Volkswagen has been fined €1bn by German prosecutors for emissions cheating. ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei says this means all emissions cheats are now on the hook

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    MPs and lawyers call on government: time to crack down on corporate climate inertia

    UK financial regulators are under pressure to issue much-needed guidance on climate risk reporting.

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    UK foodservice companies urged to improve seafood sustainability sourcing

    The commercial foodservice industry in the UK has been urged to use its “massive purchasing power” to source seafood sustainably and align its standards with the rest of the industry.

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    Top insurers all at sea on climate risk

    As climate change-related events increase the rate and scale of insurance payouts, how much longer can the industry prop up projects clearly connected to global temperature rise?

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    BP under AGM spotlight over climate risk assumptions

    The chair of BP’s audit committee was quizzed today over the company’s climate risk assumptions at its AGM.

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    ClientEarth takes legal action against construction of gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 in Finland

    ClientEarth has submitted a complaint to the Finnish administrative court in Vaasa to halt the construction of a 374 kilometre-long section of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the country.

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    New briefing casts doubt on Aviva coal engagement strategy

    Today, the Unfriend Coal network released its report “Aviva and Coal: a very long engagement”. The briefing casts doubt on the success of the company’s engagement policy with coal companies.

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    Wake-up call for coal majors as record number of shareholders protest corporate climate lobbying

    Investors in Rio Tinto have made it clear that they will not stand by and watch while the company funds lobby groups that block climate policy.

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    Science behind climate attribution drives litigation risk for business and government

    The new science of attributing extreme weather events, such as last year’s devastating Hurricane Harvey, to climate change could become a key driver of litigation.

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    Global oil giants to lose value within five years – UK asset managers

    UK asset managers surveyed for Ownership Day believe oil companies will suffer as energy markets go clean.

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    Commonwealth company directors must take action on climate risk: new legal reports

    As Commonwealth leaders assemble in London, under distinct pressure to act on climate, lawyers point to existing law that commits directors to manage climate risk.

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    Report: Landmark ruling suggests investor-state dispute settlement illegal in all EU-investment deals

    A report published today by ClientEarth and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) reveals that the recent Achmea ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) could render investment agreements between the European Union (EU) or its Member States and non-EU countries illegal.

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    Rio Tinto investors urged to stand up to miner over destructive climate lobbying

    Shareholders are set to protest the corporation’s membership to trade associations notorious for undermining international climate efforts.

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    Auto-enrolment pension savers could face significant losses due to poor climate risk practice

    A new report by ClientEarth and ShareAction has revealed that millions of pension savers may face significant future losses due to lack of action from pension providers and their regulator on climate risk

  • New ECJ ruling could spell the end of 200 intra-EU investment agreements

    Today, a landmark ruling of the European Court of Justice could signal the beginning of the end for around 200 investment agreements between EU Member States.

  • Call for release of environmental activists jailed over protesting on toxic spill in Vietnam

    ClientEarth is joining the United Nations experts call to release individuals jailed for protesting against a discharge of toxic industrial chemicals into coastal waters of Vietnam.

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    Lloyd’s of London should take action on coal risk

    ClientEarth has written to Lloyd’s of London to ask it to take action on risky coal business

  • image shows hikers in Nepal

    Lloyd’s of London should take action on coal risk

    ClientEarth has written to Lloyd’s of London to ask it to take action on risky coal business

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    “Now is the time to turn it around” – lawyers and regulators say actuaries must do their homework on climate risk

    Climate risks can pose a threat not only to individual businesses but to economic stability as a whole. Actuaries occupy a unique position in advising the financial world on how to tackle it.

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    Insurers may face legal questions if they keep propping up coal

    The argument for underwriting coal is on ever shakier ground, but many European companies are still fuelling the fire.

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    Climate risk: ClientEarth lawyer urges two-year deadline

    Industry and regulators should be given until 2020 to boost climate risk disclosure, or face government intervention, a senior ClientEarth lawyer told the Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) today.