Fossil Fuel Advertising: The Whole Truth

You’re being misled

Demand #TheWholeTruth in fossil fuel advertising

In its advertising, BP wants you to think it’s part of the climate solution.

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that its business model is helping to fuel climate breakdown.

The ads focus on BP’s low-carbon energy. But 96% of the company’s annual spend is on oil and gas. And emissions from BP’s products make it one of the world’s biggest polluters.

BP is not alone in its approach. We believe all fossil fuel advertising should be banned unless it comes with a tobacco-style health warning about the dangers to people and the planet.

In decades past, tobacco companies were able to mislead the public about the safety of their products. Fossil fuel companies should not be able to buy a good reputation for their climate-damaging products through advertising.

Many people will have seen BP’s adverts and concluded that the company is rapidly transitioning its business to clean energy. We think that’s wrong.

Without stricter controls on advertising by Big Oil, misleading marketing will continue. The fight to stabilise our climate will be harder for everyone.

Why should fossil fuel ads come with climate ‘health warnings’?

We are in the midst of a climate emergency.

While BP runs its biggest ad campaign in a decade, climate scientists say we have just 11 years to prevent catastrophic climate change.

To do this, they warn fossil fuel emissions must be urgently phased out.

Business as usual means more extreme weather, biodiversity collapse, widespread food scarcity and poverty for millions of people worldwide.

ClientEarth is taking action. You can help.

ClientEarth lawyers are taking action against what we believe is greenwashing from BP.

While some of BP’s ads give the impression that it’s a renewables company, the oil giant is doubling down on finding and drilling for new oil and gas.

That’s why our lawyers have taken action. We have reported the company under the guidelines of the OECD, an international set of rules governing corporate conduct. We have asked the UK National Contact Point, which handles OECD guideline complaints, to rule on whether BP should be allowed to run what we think are greenwashing adverts.

And we’re calling on the UK’s next government to take action too.

That’s where you come in.

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When it comes to climate, BP has something to hide

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Today, BP is running its biggest ad campaign in a decade and we think it’s to divert attention from its climate-damaging products. The public should know the truth about BP and the rest of the fossil fuel industry.

So we’re taking action. Our lawyers are demanding BP pulls its adverts. But we’re not stopping there. We want to see a ban on all fossil fuel advertising unless it comes with a tobacco-style health warning about the dangers to people and planet. And we need your help.

Sign the petition today to call on the next UK Government to take action. It’s time for fossil fuel companies to tell #TheWholeTruth.