The Solution: The Community Power Project

The Community Power Project (Co-Power Project) is an EU-wide campaign funded by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE). The Co-Power Project aims to address obstacles that currently hinder growth of community renewable energy sources (RES) projects, and increase public awareness of the benefits of community power. At its core, the Co-Power Project aims to place citizens as the heart of decision-making related to energy.

The objective of the campaign is to develop EU and national legislation and financing to increase citizen participation in, and ownership of, RES projects across Europe. We believe that this is key towards helping alleviate public opposition to RES, and to providing proper incentives and tools that will empower citizens and communities to purse a new paradigm for sustainable energy production and use.

In order to achieve this change, over the next three years the Co-Power Project will build a broad coalition in order to advocate for enhanced legal and policy environments in different Member States and at EU level. To support the coalition’s efforts, the Co-Power Project will compile lessons learned and best practices from community RES projects all over the EU, spread awareness, and provide legal and policy recommendations to national- and EU-level decision makers.

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