Sowing seeds to save the bees

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Did you know October is a great time to plant bee-friendly wildflowers?

You might feel like hiding from the weather, but it fact it’s the perfect time to sow the seeds (literally) of bee protection.

ClientEarth and organisations like Buglife, Pesticide Action Network and Friends of the Earth are working to protect bees as they’re under serious threat all over the world.

Bee-killing pesticides have been blamed for the huge decline of bees and rise of colony collapse disorder. This May, the European Commission introduced a limited ban on the use of three harmful pesticides in order to address worldwide declines in pollinator species, and in particular protect honey bees.

However, business and national governments in the EU are putting up a massive fight as they want to keep these noxious products in use.

By planting seeds and creating a bee-friendly environment, you can can help save bees and other pollinators.


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One thought on “Sowing seeds to save the bees

  1. Jeremy

    With the loss of over 90% of our native wildflower meadows, one would have thought that Government intervention and assistance to even partly redress previous damage would be a sensible option? This of course not least in relation to the untold billions provided to support said damage through the CAP with only environmental lip service being paid for ‘setaside’.

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