Protecting nature today and in the future

The UK government is working on a 25-year plan for nature. This will shape the way the UK approaches the protection and restoration of wildlife. A new approach could help reverse the decline in biodiversity we are seeing today.

As part of the Wildlife and Countryside Link, we have published a set of priorities that we believe would create an effective policy framework.

We recommend that the 25-year plan:

  • Sets out a new vision for a thriving natural environment, at sea and on land;
  • Establishes overarching goals for government for the protection and recovery of nature;
  • Builds on existing policy and legislation;
  • Sets out stronger safeguards for threatened species and habitats;
  • Contains clear objectives and five-year milestones with accountability to parliament;
  • Sets the right institutional framework and aligns resources, ensuring environmental goals are met.

We protect wildlife by making sure the right laws and policies are in place.

The 25-year plan for nature gives us the chance to ensure our vision for a thriving natural world is realised.

Read the Link recommendations in full

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David Illig