Greater Manchester delays its plans to tackle air pollution – ClientEarth reaction

Media reaction

20 May 2020

Greater Manchester is once again delaying its plans to tackle air pollution in the region. The Mayor and local authority leaders have announced that the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in the region has been moved back to 2022. Below is a comment from ClientEarth’s clean air lawyer Katie Nield.

“We are extremely concerned and quite frankly alarmed at Greater Manchester’s lax approach to protecting people’s health from the harmful impacts of air pollution. Local leaders have provided no explanation as to why the current circumstances have triggered a delay of at least another year and a half before any meaningful action to tackle air pollution commences.

“Greater Manchester has already missed too many government-imposed deadlines. It’s not right that people are having to wait so long for action to protect their health from toxic air.

“The law makes it clear: plans to tackle illegal pollution in the shortest possible time must be put in place as soon as can be. This seems especially important now that our cities and towns are recovering from a virus that affects people’s respiratory health.”

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