About ClientEarth – 2019

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The science couldn’t be clearer: we are facing a climate crisis that threatens the future of life on our planet. We need to take swift and systemic action that targets the cause of climate change and protects the natural ecosystems that sustain our world. At ClientEarth we use the law, because it’s the most powerful tool we have for making such fundamental changes that will combat climate change, secure people’s environmental rights and protect nature.

ClientEarth was co-founded by James Thornton in 2008 and since then he and his team of lawyers have brought cases across the globe on behalf of their one client: the Earth. We are international lawyers finding practical solutions for the world’s biggest environmental challenges. We are fighting climate change, protecting oceans and wildlife, making forest governance stronger, greening energy, making business more responsible and pushing for government transparency.

Over the last 12 years we have:

  • stopped dozens of new mega-polluting coal power plants from opening across Europe;
  • taken the UK government to court and won (three times) over air pollution;
  • worked with partners to prevent the destruction of Europe’s last primeval forest;
  • held companies, investors and insurers to account for their climate failures;
  • worked in China to support 48,000 legal challenges against polluters; and
  • supported indigenous groups facing the devastating effects of climate change.

We know that as the world faces a climate crisis and the continuing destruction of nature there is so much more to do. We will continue the fight to secure a healthy planet for future generations.

Key facts about ClientEarth

  • Founded in 2007
  • 150 staff working in offices in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin and Beijing
  • Currently working on projects in more than 50 countries
  • Voted as the UK’s most effective environmental group by CEOs from across the UK green sector
  • Winner of numerous other awards, including from the Financial Times; The Law Society; Business Green; The Lawyer
  • Led by James Thornton, recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Financial Times, twice been named Leader of the Year by Business Green and named ‘One of ten people who could change the world’ by the New Statesman.
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