• Jaleel Chege, Forests Intern, Environmental Lawyers ClientEarth

    Jaleel Chege

  • Magdalena Hugeneck, Intern, EU Energy & Coal, Environmental Lawyers ClientEarth

    Magdalena Hugeneck

  • Maximillian Kemp

    Maximillian Kemp

  • Felipe Lizana Sanchez, Intern, Climate Accountability, Environmental Lawyers ClientEarth

    Felipe Lizana

  • Linli-Sophie Pan Van de Meulebroeke, ClientEarth Intern

    Linli-Sophie Pan Van de Meulebroeke

  • Maria-Jolie Veder, Intern, EU Energy and Coal

    Maria-Jolie Veder

  • Tabea Wilkes, Intern, Water Scarcity Research, ClientEarth

    Tabea Wilkes

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