Clearing the air: Support our Europe-wide campaign on air pollution

Help us take action to clean up Europe’s dirty air.

Air pollution is an invisible killer. Poor air quality is responsible for more than 400,000 early deaths across Europe and 40,000 in the UK. In London alone, more than 9,000 early deaths are caused every year from toxic air across the capital.

Administrations around the world are failing to deal with pollution problems adequately. In Europe, many governments are failing to comply with EU limits on noxious fumes.

New legal challenges

That’s why ClientEarth has embarked on a fresh wave of legal cases across Europe.

We are already involved with partners in ten legal challenges in Germany. We have launched two cases in the Czech Republic in Brno and Prague. We’ve taken action in Brussels in Belgium. In November we won our High Court case against the UK Government over its failure to tackle illegal air pollution across the UK. We have had major successes in Poland. And we have more cases in the pipeline.

But we need your backing. Bringing legal cases is a costly but necessary business, if we are to force action on pollution.

How much do you care about your own health? How much do you care about the health of your family, your friends, your children and theirs. How much do you care about the well-being of the planet and of future generations? Do you wish politicians would act?

The more pressure we put on politicians and governments to  tackle  pollution and the health and respiratory problems it causes, the more governments are likely to act.

Please help fund our cases

We all need to act. Say #No2dirtyair now.  And please help to fund our air quality cases.

child with no2dirtyair banner

This post has been revised to reflect updates in our court cases.

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Steven Van Loy

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